Website Redesign and Its Impact on Your Website’s Organic Traffic and Reach

• written by Krist Duro
Website Redesign and Its Impact on Your Website’s Organic Traffic and Reach

“How much organic traffic do you have” is the digital marketing equivalent of “how much do you bench bro” in the modern world. And unsurprisingly so, as running a business in the digital world is all about amassing an organic loyal following that will spread the word of your brand, share your content, and inspire other to become loyal customers as well.

But you can’t hope to achieve this without creating an amazing online presence first, and it all starts with your website. No matter if you’ve had one since 2005, or if you’re just starting out, the design of your website can have a major impact on your overall success, so don’t take it lightly. In fact, it’s probably due for an update. Here is how website redesign can impact your organic traffic and reach.

Look, a purple cow!

You’re one in a million. Actually, you’re one in more than a billion live websites in the world, so doing your best to stand out from the crowd is not something to keep on the backburner. In fact, standing out in the oversaturated market should be your no.1 priority. There are numerous ways you can make your website’s design stand out, but keeping it simple, transparent, and optimized is arguably the best way to go no matter the industry, no matter the niche.

Now, there are literally thousands of templates and themes online you can choose from, and while it’s always a viable option, turning to custom design can prove to be a more prudent cost-effective decision. People recognize and appreciate an aesthetic, meticulous design, and they appreciate a unique approach that will fully portray your brand’s visuals and content. Sometimes, even the best templates can’t do you justice.

Boost speed, boost traffic

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Redesigning your website is not just about creating new visuals, it’s also about optimizing it for top speed and performance in the modern, HD world. No longer will people wait more than four seconds for your homepage to load, oh no; if you want to boost traffic and minimize your bounce rate, your website needs to load almost immediately.

Remember, responsiveness is the name of the game and by optimizing the size of your files (videos, images, etc.) and tweaking the plugins, or even upgrading your hosting package, you can effectively cut down on loading times and keep the visitor on your page. After that, it’s all about creating an engaging story backed by cool visuals people will want to share with their friends.

Brand awareness and dissemination

One of the most important aspects of online success is brand recognition, awareness, and dissemination. That’s actually three things, but let’s put them into a single basket for the sake of brevity and clarity. In fact, let’s take a look at the Australian market as a prime example of the synergy between website design and branding.

Over in the Land Down Under, professionals in web design in Sydney not only work on weaving every part of your brand into your visual presentation, but they make sure that this combination of branding and aesthetics is inspiring enough for people to share, and fall in love with. Remember, people make their decisions based on their emotions, so redesigning your website to spark certain positive emotions should be your priority.

Speaking of making decisions, you want to make it as simple as possible for your visitors to become your long-term customers.

Easy navigation shortens the decision-making process

An image showcasing the game described in this article.

You do know that people have very short attention spans nowadays, right? How long do you think it would take for your visitors lose interest in your story if it’s overly complicated, and doesn’t offer a simple solution to their problem? Not very long, so if you want to boost conversion rates, you need to redesign your website for easy navigation.

That not only means keeping your content easily understandable with relatable undertones, it also means simplifying the route from your homepage or your blog, to your checkout page. The same logic applies if you’re offering a service – the context around your CTA (call to action) button needs to be informative, valuable, easy to understand, and if possible, relatable for a touch of empathy.

However, this might prove to be a difficult task if you’re working in an inherently complex niche, where you have to go in-depth on some complex topics. Regardless if this is the case, you can always simplify your landing page and offer further reading next to your CTA button. This is just an example of how website redesign can help you boost conversions by simply keeping it simple.

Mobile optimization for modern audiences

Finally, it’s important to note that we live in a world of smartphones and mobile gadgets These gadgets allow us to keep up with the happenings in the digital realm while on the move, whether you’re travelling, commuting to work, or walking your dog. The reality is that demographics are spending more time staring at their smartphone screens than their desktops, which creates an opportune environment you should definitely work to your advantage.

By optimizing your website for mobile (scaling for every screen size, optimizing images and videos, simplifying the buying process), you can attract a new kind of audience, and convert an even greater number of visitors into loyal customers. Mobile shopping is also on the rise, so make sure your website maps out a clear and short route to your checkout page – the mobile audience will love it.


Website trends are constantly evolving, and no matter if you’ve launched your website just last year, it’s probably a good idea to give it a thorough update in order to stay relevant in the competitive market, and boost traffic. With these insights in mind, go ahead and make this year the most successful year for your online presence to date.

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