MYNT ES Review

• written by Krist Duro
MYNT ES Review

MYNT ES is the next Bluetooth tracker from well, MYNT. If you haven’t read my review for their first Bluetooth tracker, tap here. Long story short, I liked it even though I wasn’t a big fan of the small button.

MYNT ES on the other hand, to me, feels like a step down from the previous generation. Yes, it’s smaller in length size, but it’s chunkier than the previous version. Now it also is completely plastic and even though it’s a high-quality plastic, I still miss the metallic feel of the first one.

One thing that they improved upon is the button size, larger than the pin size from the first one, but in the process of doing that it seems that they forgot to make the button feel well, like a button.  I mean I press and hold it and I don’t get any clicking feel or feedback that I’m pressing or holding a button. The old one was difficult to press or click, but at least you felt it.

Another area where it feels like a downgrade is what the MYNT ES can do apart from the whole Bluetooth smart tracking. It doesn’t do anything else and I was just extremely surprised by that. The first MYNT could be programmed to accept a phone call, mute the phone, volume up or down to name a few. You could also use it as a remote shutter, but you cannot do any of that on the MYNT ES and I still cannot fathom out the reason why.

As for the actual Bluetooth tracking, it does that well. The original did it well and so does this version and the performance is kinda similar. The sound levels are pretty much the same and so is the Bluetooth range. One area that they have improved quite drastically is in the battery life where now it will supposedly last a year in comparison to the six months of the previous version.

[caption id="attachment_15693" align="aligncenter" width="1920"]Size comparison between the new and old MYNT ES (left) vs MYNT (right)[/caption]

I might sound like I am complaining and well, I am. I was expecting the MYNT ES to be an evolution of what they previously did, but it kinda is a step-down. Sure, the battery life is way better and that's awesome, but the bigger button doesn’t feel like an actual button and it’s missing all the extra stuff the previous version did. It sucks to say this, but if you want a smart Bluetooth tracker, you might want to get the previous version even though it's a tiny bit pricier than the MYNT ES.

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