MYNT Smart Tracker Review

• written by Krist Duro
MYNT Smart Tracker Review

The MYNT is a neat Smart Tracker with some cool other features.

I used to look down on smart trackers as some sort of a novelty item as much as I wouldn't even consider them true gadgets. But that changed once I got the chance to review some smart trackers from Chipolo so I kinda knew what to expect when I was testing MYNT.

Compared to the Chipolo, the MYNT is slimmer and a little longer due to its oval shape. The build quality is really good, the metal looks and feels nice, the grip is very good and the button well, if you have big fingers it might be a tad difficult to press. As for the design, I like it as do the good at the Red Dot since they awarded MYNT the Red Dot Award in 2016. Sure I would have liked it even better if it was a tad shorter, but it's not that big of a deal really. The metal gives this nice overall premium quality and I like that you can get in different colors other than the "boring" Silver color I got. I am not complaining, but the Black and Blue look slick AF.

Now let's talk about its performance. Pairing the device with my phone using Bluetooth was as easy as it can get. The companion app that you have to have in order to use the device is nicely developed. Sure there are a few bugs here and there and the occasional crash, but for the most part, it works as intended. Just like my other tracker, the main feature of the MYNT is the Bluetooth tracking or locating. You can attach, stick or drop the MYNT inside everyday items and find them in seconds using your smartphone. And you can do the opposite, press the button on your MYNT to find your smartphone.

Having two trackers on my keychain didn't really make sense so I retired my other one, "gifting" it to my mother, and I've been using MYNT for the past week or so. My other tracker has saved me a couple of times from forgetting my phone at the coffee shop or at the club so I expect MYNT to do the same. I have used it a couple of times to find where I placed my phone inside the house and just like the old one, it helped me find my phone with no problem. Tap the button and the phone will start ringing. In case you lost your keys, bag, backpack or whatever you attached your MYNT, there's a neat feature to help you find it. The app registers its last known location using GPS so there's that. But also you can find your MYNT by harnessing the power of the MYNT community, other people who have a MYNT device and the app installed, to find your tracker. Chipolo has the same exact system and while I haven't used it myself, I have received notifications that I helped someone find his/her lost device. This is a fantastic feature and I am really glad that MYNT also sports it, I only hope I never have to use it since losing my keys would be such a big headache.

You get notified if you are walking away from your MYNT and the MYNT rings if you get away from your phone. Sure, just like the other trackers, MYNT looses connection here and there and that's really annoying since it might happen at any time be that late at night or during an exam and you cannot do anything about it. I guess you use the Safe Zone feature and disable the ringing at home for example, but that defeats the whole tracking/locating purpose.

Now other than the tracking capability, the MYNT can be used as a remote shutter, music remote or as a slider/presentation remote. Out of the three, mostly I have used the remote shutter. You only have to change the switch in the MYNT app and you are set, pressing the button takes a picture and holding it takes a burst. This is really cool as my other tracker didn't allow me to do that. I could use it as a remote, but only for the in-app front camera "extension". That's a pretty dumb deliberate choice to limit the users and I am really glad that MYNT doesn't do that. As for the other two remotes, the music remote and the presentation remote I haven't used them as much or better say like at all as skipping the songs by tapping a button which isn't always close to me is counterintuitive when I can easily use the buttons on my earphones or headphones. Presentation remote sounds cool in theory, but the opportunity to test it in real life hasn't come yet. Maybe I should gift the MYNT to my brother so that he can use it when he pitches app ideas to his clients...maybe.

An image showcasing the game described in this article.

So to sum things up, the MYNT is a really neat compact smart tracker that does what it advertises, with a few expected hiccups along the way, and offers some more than welcomed features mainly the use as a remote shutter. For its asking price of $19,99, the MYNT is a great gadget to have so that you can keep track of your precious things. Thanks for reading.

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