List of Some Smart Gadgets That Will Keep Your Home and Business Safe

• written by Krist Duro
List of Some Smart Gadgets That Will Keep Your Home and Business Safe

Dystopian promise of a high-tech world has thankfully not yet been realized. For now, we are simply enjoying the luxuries of cutting edge technology – as long as it’s financially feasible. Two of the greatest commodities of digital age are information and security, and the business of the later one has been booming like crazy. Latest security gizmos are becoming economically accessible, so if you are planning to improve your home and business security, here is a list of some smart gadgets that will keep your home and business safe.

Security cameras are the first choice

When people think about home and business safety tech, security cameras are usually the first thing that springs to their mind. Since this type of technology is a sort of a “poster child” of home and business security, it’s a type of device that is most accessible on the market and offers the staggering variety of products. Security cameras are constantly developing and improving. You may click here for more info about security cameras.

These days they are as accessible as private security measures come – easy to install and practical in every way, they can record anything occurring in front of your door, by your window or in the back of your house. Interestingly enough, even if you end up having some issues with the tech every now and then, just having them attached to the wall above the door is an excellent deterrent against burglars.

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Motion sensor lights

If you’ve already installed security cameras, you should probably consider installing motion triggered lighting. When these lights are combined with cameras above the door, it amounts to maximum effect against suspicious individuals. What effect does it achieve exactly? Just imagine the following scenario: somebody is checking out your household and they get to close to the front porch or the back door. Motion sensors trigger the strong lights and after the individual is blindsided by the strong beam, they also notice the camera attached to the wall above the door.

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You can keep track of your valuables

Did you ever end up in a situation that you’ve lost, or simply cannot find something of great value, and you keep thinking to yourself – if only I had a piece of tech that could track it down? Well, believe it or not, you can actually purchase a security device that has become very popular – a GPS tracker that can pinpoint the most pricey objects you possess. You can tag your laptop bag, your phone mask, your car or even a loved one – yes, you’ve read that correctly.

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Smart detector for fire and carbon monoxide

Smart detectors are very handy, easy to install and simple to setup, which makes them a perfect smart gadget to keep your home and business safe – especially if you and your family tend to travel a lot or spend most of your time out of the household. If this detector catches the slightest whiff of smoke or carbon monoxide, you will get an instant notification on your smartphone that something is wrong. This device can be connected to the smartphone of every family member, and in case you are at home or business and it is a false alarm, all you have to do is open the app and shut the notification off. For an additional layer of security, you can acquire reliable insurance like this which will protect your goods in the case one such malfunction goes sideways really fast.

Security Wi-Fi router

One can easily argue that the internet is the final frontier when it comes to security – and this notion surely extends to one’s home and business since most of our lives are dependent on digital devices which are perpetually connected to the internet. This is why we are seeing the proliferation of Wi-Fi security routers which are, for all intents and purposes, your regular routers but with a few tricks up their sleeves.

First of all, if you have kids, you can keep track of their internet activity. With latest smart routers, there is an option to turn on notifications that will inform you exactly when your kids connect to Wi-Fi and from what device. Furthermore, they can have an extra layer of protection with security plans which can stop outside devices from penetrating your local network. It also shields your kids’ devices from malware and bots, and you can limit their movement to dangerous “areas” of the internet.

Smart locks

Smart locks are the latest in front door security. They are what can essentially be described as electromagnetic locks which can only be locked or unlocked via an authorized device which uses a wireless protocol, as well as a cryptographic key. However, if this idea scares you in any way – especially the part where locking is completely in the hands of something non-physical – you should rest assured. Most of these locks are installed as upgrades on already existing mechanical locks.

Therefore, if you get any glitch on your smartphone (which in theory holds the digital key), you can always rely on your old-fashioned metal key. This is a good solution if you want to lend a digital key to someone for a limited amount of time and it is overall an amazing additional layer of protection in your household. Finally, we’ve all lost our house keys from time to time, and it can be quite convenient if you could rely on the digital backup on your phone until you’ve made a physical copy from a locksmith. If you wish to get a duplicate key for your car, then locksmith for cars sacramento is the best choice to opt as they work around the clock to deliver their best services.

When you take a step back and do the overview of the security technologies available, it becomes easy to see just how rapidly the future of sci-fi literature is becoming a reality. These days, if you do not feel particularly secure at your home or business, you do not have to spend a small fortune on making your household safer – though that is still a very realistic option. With at least two of the aforementioned smart gadgets, you can rest assured your family and your possessions will be secured.

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