Etherborn Looks Amazing!

• written by Krist Duro

Altered Matter, the independent team behind the upcoming gravity-shifting puzzle-platformer Etherborn, have announced today the game will also be coming to Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on top of the originally announced PC version.

Etherborn is a gravity-shifting puzzle-platformer where you play as a voiceless body in search of your meaning as you explore dreamlike, Escheresque levels. Traversal is built around your unique sense of gravity that anchors you to any surface you touch. Moving through the environment becomes the puzzle in itself, where each level acts as a sort of organic Rubik's Cube that players need to explore, manipulate and shift their gravity on in order to decipher the way forward.

After multiple awards as well as very positive press and public reception to the game at various gaming conventions, the team has decided to increase the availability of Etherborn and secure the launch of the game on multiple platforms.

The team is currently running a FIG campaign to raise funds for these final stretches of production. You can view the campaign and its subsequent backer rewards here:

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