Understanding EAS FC Catalogue in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

• written by Krist Duro

As we have said, players need two things to redeem items from the EAS FC Catalogue on FIFA 14 Ultimate Team: EAS FC Level and FC Credits.

  • EAS FC Level

No matter what game mode they’re in, there are numerous things they can do to automatically award them with XP (Experience Points). Once they complete one of these events they’ll be notified that they’ve earned XP via an in-game pop-up. It will also appear in their personal news feed and be blasted out to all of their friends’ news feeds to showcase what they’ve just done. Their XP total will be seen in the EA Sports Football Club widget in the corner of most screens. Each time they reach a certain XP threshold, showcased in a meter that fills up, they’ll reach a new level. Players can also compare their Level with all of their FIFA friends within the Leaderboards panel from the EA Sports Football Club hub.

  • FC Credits

FCC is the abbreviation of Football Club Credits, the EA Sports Football Club currency. In the exact same way players earn XP, they’ll earn FCC. Their FCC total can be seen in the EAS FC widget seen in the corner of most screens, highlighted with a bronze icon beside it. Players use their FCC to redeem unlockable items that can enhance their FIFA experience in the EAS FC Catalogue.

FIFA 14 Ultimate Team players may earn XP and FCC playing matches, winning tournaments, getting promoted or leveling up their EAS FC level. Outside Ultimate Team mode, they may also earn XP and FCC completing challenges in highlights of the week, getting promoted in seasons head to head or in Co-Op and winning awards or cups in career.

EAS FC Catalogue Menu in FIFA 14 Ultimate Team

To access to EAS FC Catalogue, players just need to select ‘Football Club’ from the main FIFA 14 menu and then ‘Catalogue’. It is not possible to access the EAS FC Catalogue from the FUT Web App.

Inside the EAS FC Catalogue, the items are organized by level of experience and by game mode. It is possible, for example, to filter the items that are exclusively for Ultimate Team mode.

Players can not trade items of a higher level and are not allowed to buy a item more than once. The purchased items are marked with a green tick and the inactive items are marked in gray until the player reaches the respective level.

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