What are EAS FC and EAS FC Catalogue?

• written by Krist Duro

EA Sports Football Club is FIFA’s social network.

This year, the heartbeat of FIFA, becomes more connected and more social. It connects gamers to all of their FIFA friends and shares their successes and accomplishments with one another via an in-game News and Alerts feed. New this year is the ability to send gifts or messages to one another and the ability to go directly to different areas of the game directly from News and Alerts feed. This means that everyone is connected to friends in FIFA like never before. It also tracks progress through the game by awarding players with XP and Football Club Credits, which allow them to redeem hundreds of in-game unlockables to enhance their FIFA experience.

The EA Sports Football Club experience doesn’t just start and end on player’s console though. When they’re not playing the game, they have the ability to stay connected to all of their friends FIFA activity on the EA Sports Football Club companion app and on the EA Sports Football Club website. This means their FIFA experience can stay with them wherever they are.

What is EAS FC Catalogue?

Now that you already know what is the EA Sports Football Club, we will focus on the EAS FC Catalogue.It is a kind of store where players can trade the FCC (Football Club Credits) they earned by hundreds of items.

The EAS FC Catalogue houses hundreds of different in-game unlockable items that help improve player’s FIFA experience. Their EA Sports Football Club Level determines what is available for them to redeem. As a Level 20 gamer, they’ll only have access to items categorized from Level 1 – 20. So, the more they play and level up will give them access to more unlockable items. They then use the FCC they’ve earned through their play to redeem the items for use. Items include things like goal celebrations, historic kits, extra matches in Seasons and coin boosts in Ultimate Team.

This year, EAS FC Catalogue has a great new feature: it allows you to send gifts to friends. It is so great that EA Sports has not done much publicity fearing a massified use of it. In fact, you can send a item for half price for as many friends you want and still be able to redeem it for yourself. Imagine what happen if you join your friends and all of them send gifts to each other…

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