Psychological thriller  Fort Solis  coming to PS5

• written by Krist Duro
 Psychological thriller  Fort Solis  coming to PS5

Developer Fallen Leaf in partnership with Dear Villagers are proud to reveal that their upcoming cinematic sci-fi adventure Fort Solis is coming to PlayStation 5, in addition to PC, this Summer. Explore an abandoned mining facility on Mars, solve the mystery of the missing crew, and make crucial decisions. 

To commemorate this occasion, Fallen Leaf has revealed an all new gameplay trailer. Revealed during Future Games Show, this teases the setting and story as you assume the role of engineer Jack Leary responding to a maintenance request on an isolated mining base on Mars. Nothing is as it seems at Fort Solis, with its crew missing, ominous sounds just out of sight, and a crimson sandstorm engulfing the seemingly abandoned base.

Fort Solis takes after the psychological sci-fi films like Moon, Sunshine, and Solaris,” said James Tinsdale, Game Director at Fallen Leaf. “We wanted to capture a feeling of being alone, unsafe, and unsure of what’s going on. We hope this trailer offers a taste of the eerie tone we’re aiming for ahead of Fort Solis’ release this Summer.”

"When we first saw Fort Solis we knew Fallen Leaf was making something special,” said Guillaume Jamet, Head of Publishing for Dear Villagers. “It really stood apart from other sci-fi horror games with its brilliant script, classy presentation, environmental storytelling, and narratively open-ended game design. We can’t wait to hear the discourse around it!”

In Fort Solis you’ll explore the station at your own pace, gathering clues from its bunkers, labs, crew quarters, and harsh, stormy surface to understand what enigmatic horrors befell its inhabitants. As the night grows longer events escalate, spiral out of control, and the mystery as to what’s really going on deepens. You must race against time to locate the Fort Solis crew members and escape to tell the tale!

Utilizing the power of Unreal Engine 5, Fort Solis offers an intricately immersive setting in the deepest reaches of space. Featuring a first class crew that includes Red Dead Redemption 2 lead Roger Clark, Troy Baker (The Last of Us, Death Stranding), and Julia Brown (The Last Kingdom, World on Fire), Fort Solis grounds you in its hard sci-fi drama with no camera cuts, load times, or HUD.

Make tough decisions in real time as you piece together the sinister forces that have befallen Fort Solis. Do you have what it takes to solve the mystery of Fort Solis and report back alive?

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