UNITED 1944 redefines WWII games by combining shooter, crafting & strategy

• written by Krist Duro

Killsquad developer Novarama is proud to unveil its next game, UNITED 1944, a multiplayer FPS that combines shooter, strategy and crafting to offer an immersive war experience. Squad up in 16v16 base conquest matches in the WW2 theaters of France & North Africa, with more coming soon. Novarama is calling all players to sign up now for the Steam closed beta.

In UNITED 1944, soldiers and civilians will fight together to take the last stand. Domination takes more than being a good marksman, as you’ll have to work together to scavenge for supplies, fortify your HQ, defend outposts, and craft your arsenal if you’re to win the final battle. Overcome your adversaries by using the resources you gathered to build defensive walls, set mines, and block streets with barricades.

There are no predetermined classes in UNITED 1944,, so you’ll have to evolve your playstyle to your team’s needs through an open-ended skill tree during each match. Mix and match over 40 abilities across skill trees for engineer, recon, sharpshooter, explorer and support roles. Become a spy when night falls, or a sniper from the rooftop when the new day dawns. Maybe you want to stay out of the frontlines and focus on crafting medicine to heal your teammates. Create your own fighter to help turn the tide of war!


With a dynamic day/night cycle, dense cities where every building is traversable and offers unique lines of sight, and 18 weapons ranging from improvised rifles and makeshift shotguns, to classics such as M1 Garand, MP40, Kar98k, and many more period-appropriate firearms, UNITED 1944 seeks to offer the most immersive take on WWII battles yet. You’ll have to use the entirety of the war torn maps to gain a strategic advantage by skillfully traversing rooftops and tunnels while cleverly taking advantage of the time of day to gain the upper hand.

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