Etter Drei Review

• written by Krist Duro

The title of the game itself gives you nothing, no information about what it's about and if you see the screenshots, you will get even more confused.However the premise is as simple as it can get, build a tower and win.

That's the foundation upon Etter Drei builds itself, but it throws a few interesting curveballs at you. On the screen you control a thing that looks like a chubby piñata which has the ability to carry or lift the 3D objects. Stack them on top of each other, build the tower, reach the spot and you are done, onto the next level. But as you progress, the difficulty increases.

See this is s physics based game meaning that every 3D object depending on the size and shape, has different mass and reacts accordingly. For example you can't stack two round objects on top of each other since they would just roll of. Also you have to be careful when placing big objects on top of smaller ones cause your tower may and will collapse.

Other stuff that will make some, especially the later levels, quite a challenge are the obstacles like bouncing pads, explosives and wind. Each one of them does what you expect, bouncy pads bounce the objects, explosives explode the objects and wind well, it blows them around. It is quite fun and satisfying finding out the solution to these instances. Then you have the multiplayer levels, yes multiplayer, but not like you are used to.

There are no lobbies to wait and you cannot invite your friends. If you are lucky enough to find someone, they could be totally awesome or they can be total a**holes. This, I did not like. Having no control whatsoever and being stuck on your progress cause there is no body playing your level is not fun and I hope they change that.

Bottom line, Etter Drei is a simple yet interesting game, both in premise and its monochromatic visual style that is well worth your time and money. Thanks for reading!

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