Last Horizon Review

• written by Krist Duro

Last Horizon is a small game, but a lot of fun.

The headline says it all, small but fun. In the same veins as the legendary Moon Lander games that came before, Last Horizon feels and plays kinda the same. Here instead of landing on the moon, you land on planets of different sizes, colors and landscapes. Your task is simple, travel to your home planet.

But since you cannot simply travel directly to it as you need fuel and oxygen, you have to land on the planets to refuel and repair. That's basically all the game, all you can do in the game. Boost, find a planet, enter its orbit, correct your trajectory using the side boosters and land gently on the surface, wait and boost to the next planet and so on.

It is this simplicity that makes it a lot of fun. There are no upgrades, no timers to wait, just pick up and play. And since its so casual, it never gets old so you'll replay it again over and over and every time it feels fresh. It kinda feels meditative, the whole experience of boosting, flying and landing. The art also helps with this. A minimalist look, vibrant colors and a soothing music track ooze this perfect atmosphere of being out there, alone...

The physics make or break games of this genre in particular. Fortunately the physics in Last Horizon are just perfect. Boosting and flying around feels great and so does the gravity of the planets and black holes, no matter how big of an affect it has on your ship. As I said previously, playing this game is just pure fun.

But in the end, what you do and how much stuff there is to see is extremely small. There are no skin ships to unlock, no upgrades for your ship, no secrets etc. So is it worth your 2 bucks? Well, it's just 2 bucks, came on. Thanks for reading!

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