Crysis Console Edition Review

• written by Krist Duro

I remember when Crysis came out in 2007 for PC.  I was very exited, but my PC at that time couldn't handle it. A friend of mine owned, what we called, a super PC and we played Crysis for some time, but with medium quality visuals. Even with those settings it was amazingly beautiful! Now you can experience it on your consoles, as it's available to download over at PSN and Xbox Live.

Crysis Console Edition Review

In Crysis you play as Nomad, a "super soldier", who is part of a special team sent to a remote island in the Pacific to rescue a group of scientists who are being held hostages by North Korean troops. In the island these scientists have found some strange "things" and they believe that they aren't from this world. Later these "things" turn out to be aliens and you mist fight them to save the world. Yea yea no big surprise there, the story in Crysis isn't that strong, but that doesn't mean it's weak. It's, lets say, okay.

But what lacks in storytelling , Crysis make up in gameplay. Nomad is equipped with the latest tech in armor technology. He has a Nanosuit, which makes him a super soldier. The suit gives Nomad increased strength so, he is able to punch people up in the air and gives him the ability to jump very high. It also gives increased speed so, he can run and swim at insane speeds. But the most important abilities the suit gives Nomad are cloaking and armor. Activate cloak and he becomes invisible like the Predator. Activate armor and he becomes indestructible like a tank. Alternating these to direct abilities makes for some interesting gameplay scenarios in Crysis. Cloak and find an enemy, then un-cloak for a split-second, take a shot at his head and cloak really fast. Or you can be cloaked, sneak up to an enemy then grab and quickly throw him in the air. You really feel like the ultimate Predator.

Then there is, how I like to call it, the badass way to play the game. See an enemy compound ahead? Equip a shotgun and a modified assault rifle, activate armor and blast your way through. Grab and throw people, shoot exploding barrels, throw grenades and fire rocket launchers...destroy everything! But you can do all these things in lower difficulties. If you want to truly experience Crysis, play it on Delta difficulty, you will not be disappointed.

The game, as I said before, look amazing. The transition to the consoles is done really well. Sure on PC Crysis run on CryEngine 2 and looked super realistic, but in the consoles, Crysis runs on CryEngine 3 as it's more adapted for consoles. The environments, the jungle, the mountains, the water etc. everything looks fantastic. Also the character models and the animations are too damn good. Look at the image below and try to find any difference :D

But Crysis has also its low points. First the console edition lacks the multiplayer mode it had on PC and I don't understand why. The enemy AI could have been a lot better just for saying. The enemy have super hearing and super sighting as they can see and hear you from miles away. Also in firefights, sometimes they will stand out of cover doing nothing, just waiting to be slaughtered by you. The frame rate is stable, but sometimes it slows down really bad. Also from time to time the sound fade away and come back again. But all of these are just minor problems.

Crysis aged great, or maybe it hasn't aged a bit. It looks and plays better than most retail games out there right now. Blasting through the campaign can take more than 12 hours depending on the difficulty you play on. But it has great replay value as you can tackle the mission in different ways every time. So for 20$ Crysis on consoles is totally worth it. A must buy for everyone.

9/10-Editor Choice

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