Sugar High Review

• written by Krist Duro

Tiny Wings with Read our Sugar High Review and learn why you should get this game!

As soon as I started playing Sugar High, I said it's Tiny Wings but with a dog instead of a bird. Yes it features the same mechanic, it also feels like you are playing Tiny Wings, but is it as good as Tiny Wings? Definitely yes and maybe, even a little better.

You take control of a hungry dog, Biscuit, who after seeing that his bowl is empty goes to sleep and start dreaming about...FOOD. After you tap the screen to start Biscuit's journey in these delicious world, if you played Tiny Wings (and you have), it is very similar. Biscuit slide over chocolate or honey, depends on the world, and soar off inclines by touching the screen and releasing at the right time. As long as he can stay ahead of evil Mr. Alarm Clock, he can munch on candy to his heart’s desire. If he wakes up, the sugar high will end. Till now it's the same gameplay as Tiny Wings . But the developers, Shortbreak Studios, added some other mechanics to make the game stands on it's own.

They've added oranges and kiwi fruist embedded in the landscape which Biscuit uses as loop to loops which propels him into the sky. There are also melon slices which are used as boost lanes. Using each one of them gives you more points and a multiplier, the bigger the multiplier, the more points you earn, the better the position in the leaderboard. If you achieve to get a 10x multiplier, Biscuit enters sugar high mode during which you can earn a massive number of points.

The visual are really awesome. Biscuit looks really cute and reminds me of funny looking characters that Cartoon Network has created over the years. During big jumps, he turns his head and looks at you with a super funny face :D . Also the worlds are really great to look too, full of sweets and colored fruits.

Yes Sugar High feels and plays like Tiny Wings (which is not a bad thing), but it also introduces new cool gameplay mechanics and a super cute protagonist. I mean, how can you not love Biscuit? Also the most important thing, it's only 0.99$. So what are you waiting, buy this game!

9/10-Editor Choice

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