Closure Review - Don't forget the light

• written by Krist Duro

Closure is like nothing you've ever played. Believe it or not, this game, made by three people, is one of the best puzzles out there right now. Light and darkness mechanics are used in many games, but none uses them like Closure does.

Closure began as a web-browser game which was released in 2009. Immediately it became a hit, so the developers, Eyebrow Interactive, decided to release it again as an exclusive for the PS3, sure a more bigger and better game.

Closure it's a puzzle game. The game uses light and darkness in a creative way. You play as a spider looking creature with four legs, two hands and a head that looks like Batman's. You are thrown in this dark world. Everything is covered in darkness. You pick up glowing orbs that lights up the world around you. If there is no light, it does not exist. If you jump and there is no light, you fall into the dark abyss. After a cool tutorial, you start your journey. The game has three worlds with 24 puzzles each. As you enter these worlds, your spider looking creature, becomes or "wears" the looks of a construction worker,a little girl and a woman. Each world feels fresh, as each one of them has new puzzle mechanics.

Other than the glowing orb to help you get around, you can use a spotlight. Changing the direction a spotlight shines reveals new paths or you can aim it at a diamond which bounce the light. There is a level (maybe the hardest in the game) that uses only diamonds to light some "sensors" to open the door and move on. The first levels are simple, as you learn the mechanics of the world. Then a key is introduced that you need to end the puzzle. You can carry only one thing at a time, an orb or the key. But remember the key must be inside the light, cause if not it'll fall of the world and you'll need to restart the game. There are some other mechanics that are really hard to describe, but really easy to understand while playing the game. Patience is the key, as in the end puzzles you are gonna replay and replay the same puzzle till you find the solution.

I really dig the monochromatic art design of the game as it looks fantastic. Stylish black and white abstract hand drawings are unique to each world, cause each one of them has a different theme. The animations of your character are stunning. Also the music is amazing. It fits extremely well with the game. All of this above combined, really hooks you up and it's very difficult to put the controller down, believe me.

Closure is an unique puzzle game that everyone need to experience it. If the puzzles don't hook you up (but they will don't worry), the looks and sounds definitely will. I highly recommend this game.

9/10-Editor Choice

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