Awesomenauts Review

• written by Krist Duro

Awesomenauts is a multiplayer online arena battle or MOBA type of game. It's like DOTA but in 2D. But it is any good? Well let's just say that the answer to the question is in the game title !

Welcome to the universe of Awesomenauts. An universe where everyone fight for the control of the extremely rare mineral, Solar. There are two factions, Red and Blue. These two factions have hired the mercenary group "Awesomenauts", to help them capture or destroy the enemies Solar Mines. As I said before this is a MOBA game. So you team up with two other friends against three other "Awesomenauts'.

You fight in three different maps or arenas where you are tasked to destroy the enemies Solar Mine. But getting to it isn't that easy. Except the other awesomenauts, which have the same objective, you need to destroy turrets and A.I bots. The bots are easy to defeat, but the turrets not so easy. So you need to use strategy. This is where the game shines, strategy. Going guns blazing alone against a turret probably is going to get you killed. Or trying to defeat the opponents alone can end in the same way. That's why you need to use teamwork and each character abilities to dominate throughout the arena.

You can choose one of the six available characters right now ( more characters will be available as DLC). Each one of them is unique. They all feel different and play different. You can play as a sheriff that summons a bull and throws dynamites or play as jetpack monkey that shoots lasers or you can play as a hulking robot that shoots missiles. The three other characters you better discover yourself when you buy this game.

As you start the game you have only three characters and you unlock the others by leveling up. There are two leveling system, one inside the match and the other is your level in the whole game. While playing a match, everyone starts at level one meaning that everyone is equal. Anyhow, everyone can spend their earned solar the way they want.  The on the fly upgrade system is amazing, as you can craft your character depending on how you want to use him. Upgrade health and damage output to use him as a tank or upgrade his abilities to use him let's say like a predator. The possibilities are endless.

Then there is the visuals. The arenas are very detailed filled with vibrant colors. Also the characters looks super awesome. The animations are topnotch. The music and sound are really good and they help to create a perfect atmosphere. With its looks and music, the game clearly pays homage to the 80' cartoons and overall pop culture of that time. The intro music feels like it's one from the cartoons we all loved to watch.  A character sound like Arnold Schwarzenegger, another one uses quotes from Stallone 80' movies and so on. The only problems I encountered while playing was some minor lag and some matchmaking small issues. Also there are only three arenas available, but more are promised as DLC.

Ronimo Games excels in bringing the MOBA style gameplay to consoles in a 2D world. Awesomenauts is beautiful, it plays great and it sounds awesome. As I said in the beginning, all you need to know about the game it's all in its title... awesome! This is must have for everyone.

9.5/10-Editor Choice

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