Aftermath Review

• written by Krist Duro

Aftermath is a post apocalyptic racer that pits you against a horde of enemy drivers in a race for death or glory. In a future ravaged by war, the last remnants of mankind stand defiant. Refusing to accept their doomed fate, they compete in brutal races - pushing themselves to the limit as they grasp for one final chance at glory.You can drive one of the three vehicles that are available, the fast and deadly Buggy, the heavily armored Pickup or monstrous V8 Warrior. Also you can upgrade the stats of the cars by using currency earned in the races. Other than the upgrades you can also change the paintjobs. The races takes place through desert canyons, ruined cities and molten hills. As in the movie Death Race, you can pick up different guns, gadgets and powerups during the race. How you use them it's up to you.

The game draws inspiration from Mad Max and other post-apocalyptic movies. You can see it clearly in the design of the cars. The environments look good, but nothing special. It's something you would expect from an indie game like this. Also the sound design is, let's say OK, but the background rock music becomes repetitive and really hard to listen on, so you probably gonna mute it like I did.

The AI is pretty tough for an indie game like this. At normal difficulty they really kicked my a$$, so let's not talk about the harder difficulties. This is really a problem cause you can't win even one race. I always came second or third. Another problem I had with the game was that I couldn't feel the speed, which for a racing game is pretty important. The display showed 160 kmph, but it didn't felt like it. Also the devs need to put more work onto the handling and the overall physics of the cars, because they all feel like they are weightless. The weapons are ok, but if they could do more damage it would be great.

Sure the game has it's problems, but remember that it's made by XWired Games, a team of only three people, so kudos to them. Maybe in an upcoming patch they will fix some of these problems and make the game better. Also for the price of just 3,99$, you can get your money's worth. You can buy the game for Mac or PC over at Indiecity.


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