Vision, the world's first mobile gaming device to stream Xbox One

• written by Krist Duro

British tablet specialist, Linx has launched Vision - a truly game-changing device. Designed with direct input from the gaming community, the Linx Vision is the world’s first mobile gaming device to allow for XBOX One game streaming, plus PC gaming on the go, simple in-game recording/sharing, and full Windows 10 productivity. All for just £149. If devices like this need some replacement parts, contacting companies such as an electronic components distributor would be vital.

At its heart a powerful 8in Windows 10 tablet, the Linx Vision adds a detachable, approved XBOX controller dock, full PC gaming compatibility, plus a shortcut button for in-game recording.

Vision was developed following focus-group feedback from gamers of all ages, as Linx product manager, Nicolò Lettieri, explains: “The most popular demands were for a controller – as touch-screen controls for tablet games were universally seen as poor; quick in-game recording that could be easily shared online; seamless XBOX streaming, plus the ability to play the full version of PC games – especially Minecraft – on the go”.

Key Linx Vision features and benefits

  • Powered by Cherry Trail Quad-Core Intel Atom Processor – enabling fluid, lag-free gaming.
  • Wirelessly and seamlessly stream XBOX One games directly from the console (when on same home network); keep on gaming without a TV.
  • Detachable controller dock: XBOX certified controller delivers true XBOX experience.
  • One-button in-game recording and instant upload.
  • Microsoft Windows 10 and Office Mobile Apps pre-installed
  • PC games can be downloaded (via Windows Store and Steam), stored and played directly on the Linx Vision – using either touch-screen controls or the controller dock, depending on game.
  • Perfect for playing Minecraft on the move.
  • Full Windows 10 tablet functionality, including Cortana and Continuum capabilities, web browsing and much more.
  • 8in TFT 1280x800 LCD display
  • 2GB DDR3 RAM
  • 32GB internal storage, expandable via Micro SD card
  • Wi-fi and Bluetooth connectivity
  • 6000mAh battery; charges via Micro USB
  • Front and rear cameras
  • Suggested retail price £149
  • Available from October from stockists including Currys and GAME.

Linx Vision accessories and bundles

The Linx Vision will also be available as a £159 bundle with the Vision Recon Bag. This messenger-style bag has been bespoke designed to protect the Vision on the move, without having to detach the controller dock, plus with pockets for chargers, cables and more.

Further Linx Vision accessories and bundle packs with games will be available nearer Christmas.

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