7 essential tips and tricks you need to know for FIFA 16 (Part 2)

• written by Krist Duro
7 essential tips and tricks you need to know for FIFA 16 (Part 2)

2) Create your own movement

Fluid passing moves aren’t just about how you stroke the ball around – movement is just as important. AI-controlled players will regularly make automatic runs, and these can help unlock a stubborn defence if you can spot them in time and find the right pass.

Equally, they can lead players into cul-de-sacs, or you might find runners are being consistently picked up by markers. In these instances, there are three reliable ways to create off-the-ball runs.

1. While facing a team-mate with the player under your control, hold left stick in the appropriate direction and tap L1/LB to instruct him to make a forward run.  We illustrate the use of this below.

First, we set up a forward run by Rodriguez with L1/LB and left stick while controlling Modric, then play a simple pass to Kroos. 

No more than a crowd roar later, we see that Iniesta has let Rodriguez go in an attempt to close down Kroos. Benzema has dropped deep, bringing his defender with him... opening up a simple through-ball to provide the sprinting Colombian with a clear run on goal. 

2. Press L1/LB while playing a short pass (X button/A button) to initiate a one-two pass. After the second player receives the ball, there’s no obligation to make a return pass immediately, or even at all – you can make a decision in accordance with how penetrating the run is. If a marker picks up your man, this may open up space elsewhere. A couple of passes later, you might suddenly find that the runner is in a great spot as they drift back to their natural position.

3. Last, but not least, you can tap L2/LT just as (or fractionally after) a pass is played to instruct the player in question to make a forward run. This is great for setting up dummy runs to drag defenders around, or for those instances where you notice space opening up at the last moment.

3) If in doubt, play the wings

With teams more inclined to defend in depth, moving the ball through the centre of the pitch often necessitates patience and no small amount of finesse. If you can’tget the right kind of movement between the lines to create space in your opponent’s half, or would like to engineer a faster style of play, shift the focus to the wings. If you can time them to match a burst forward by a winger or overlapping full-back, low but powerful through-balls (L1+Triangle button/LB+Y button) played close to the sidelines can set up an opportunity to deliver the ball into the box. It’s not particularly hard to lure AI-controlled full-backs out of position to clear a path; your mileage will vary against human opponents, though. We’ve heard word that many players are struggling to deal with crosses, so expect this to be the go-to strategy in online matches.

Teams that go narrow while defending (either temporarily, or as a chosen tactic) will be given a torrid time by players who favour wing play. If you have a suitably large TV and don’t mind the zoomed-out view, the “Co-op” camera (used here) can give you an edge over opponents who prefer the default perspective.

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