VHS Camcorder Review

• written by Krist Duro

From time to time, the Appstore is graced by some very interesting unexpected apps and VHS Camcorder is one of them. It is a simple app, yet it delivers something quite "powerful" in the end.

Using this app you will go back in time. Back when VHS Camcorders with their sh*tty quality ruled, back when every birthday, wedding, etc. looked like cr*p. Well, the good kind of cr*p filled with some of your happiest memories... man, I need to stop using that comparison.

So anyway, this app allows you to capture footage like you are using a 90's VHS Camcorder and not a $800 piece of 2015 tech. Surprisingly the effects, that noise/crackling and bad audio, are the same. That pretty much all there is to this app, point and hit record. You can see what you are shooting and in real time see how is it going to look. Also you can swipe your finger on the screen to simulate noise and crackling or you can let the app automatically.

Another cool thing is the zoom. Just like the zoom you would find in old camcorders where you had to keep pressed a physical button, here you also have to keep pressed a button and the effect is exactly the same. Adding a time stamp to the video is another cool feature, but what's more amazing is the ability to spoof the date. I could go on talking and describing in words what this app does and how it looks in the end, but I am not going to do that. Just watch this video I made using VHS Camcorder and edited using iMovie on the iPhone 6.

So should you buy this $3.99 app? To be honest, it is up to you. If you want to capture footage like it's the 80's or 90's then this app is for you. However if you want to convert a video you have already captured, VHS Camcorder does not do that, in this case, you need to find yourself a Digital 8 to mp4 or VHS to digital conversion service. So in the end, VHS Camcorder is just a novelty app, but one that is great at its thing. Thanks for reading!

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