Enlight Review

• written by Krist Duro

The power...

What you can do with this app is just unprecedented. Think Photoshop for Mac made incredibly easier while retaining all the awesome power.

To date Enlight it is the best Photo Editing app I've ever used. It just does everything, from simple crop and contrast/brightness fix to some pretty advanced and surprising stuff like keyeing out backgrounds, mixing multiple images into one, reshaping and warping objects and so much more.

An image showcasing the game described in this article.

All of the photos you see in the gallery below are enhanced with the magic of Enlight. At first when you check the tutorial of the tool you are using, it looks very perplexing and complicated. But on a second read, you just get it and then the magic happens. Select a tool, anything from a filter to an effect, slide your finger left to right to achieve the desired result. Didn't really get what you wanted? Tap into the middle section or tools and change every aspect of the tool you are using.

Change the hue, exposure, contrast, tint, temperature, color, focus, sharpness, details and every other modifiable option you can think of, there's a 99.9% chance Enlight has it. So you are finished with enhancing your photo to perfection, but there is an object in the photo that should not be there. Enlight got you covered with the awesome Heal/Patch tool. Simply place the marker on top of the object you wanna disappear and the Patch tool would do just that or if you want to be more specific you can use the Heal tool to clone and superimpose a part of the image.

Then you can add some cool premade words like "selfie" or "yolo" with beautiful fonts or you can write your own meme-style. After that you can add from a myriad of frames ranging from simple squared and round ones to complex and beautiful themed ones. Doodle? Yes. Collage? Yes. Instafit? Yes. A ton of filters ranging from simple color balances to waterpainting effects? Hell yes!

Now another big feature that I want to talk about is the mask tool. Say you want to make an image all black and white, but keep something, just one thing, in color to make it stand out like the red lipstick on a model lips or a red dress Sin City style. Enlight allows you to do just that. Now for some scheduling problems I couldn't manage to get that photo done, but I have some other examples where you can see the tool in action.

[gallery link="none" ids="12393,12391,12390,12389,12387,12388"] However this was just a tiny example of what the mask tool allows you to do. You can use it for everything else, effects, filters, texts etc. where you "paint" or "erase" the area you want the said effect, filter etc to stay or not. I believe that this is what makes Enlight truly special as it is a first in the mobile world.

What else remains to say? I am using the most clichéd saying ever, but in this case it's the truth, the possibilities Enlight offers are truly endless. The design of the app itself is beautiful, clean and extremely user friendly. The tutorials look "scary" at first, but are so self-explanatory you'll master the tools in no time. And after you've mastered them and created the perfect image, you can view what you did as Enlight offers a cool way to do so with the Save Animation feature.

So I'm going to say it again, Enlight is a Photo Editing app on steroids, like Photoshop Mac version full on kickass capabilities with none of the clutter or the complexity. Well, it's not the number one App on AppStore for nothing, am I right? Thanks for reading!

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