Trine 2 Review

• written by Krist Duro

Trine 2 is the direct sequel to the 2009 side-scrolling action puzzle game Trine, but is it anything like the first one? Well it's way way better!

The story is like just every fantasy game game has. You must save the kingdom and the princess. At the beginning of the game the powerful artifact Trine summons our characters. The first is the wizard, which can levitate objects and conjure boxes or planks. The second is the warrior, a chubby looking dude who is equipped with a sword, shield and a powerful hammer. And the third of the trio is the thief that looks like Altair from the Assassins Creed games, which can shoot different types of arrows such as fire, ice and exploding ones. Also she is equipped with a grappling hook which helps her get around the levels. Using these abilities in conjunction with each other helps to solve the puzzles that this game throws at you.

The game is full of puzzles. Some are easy but some are really hard, especially one in the later levels. You can solve the puzzles or you can skip them. How? Well I don't know if this is a glitch or that the developers Frozenbyte didn't thought about this, but using the wizard's power to levitate the second object under his feet, he can fly pretty much everywhere. Not that this broke the game but it felt really cheap skipping some of the hardest puzzles, anyway I don't suggest you using this technique.

You can tackle the campaign with two friends, as the game features co-op. You take control of one character and work with the other two to get to the end of the level. Sometimes it was really fun helping each-other, but sometimes it was really frustrating as new players didn't know how to play the game.

The level design is fantastic. You must get to the end of the level while you are fighting different enemies like archer, spear, heavy, sword wielding and fire powered goblins. Another type of enemy you fight are giant spiders. At the end of some levels you will fight a boss, which is relatively easy as once you die, you respawn at the checkpoint 3 meters away. Other than the direct path the levels have secret paths that are reachable only by a specific character. This adds to the replay value. I went back another time after beating the game only to get all the collectables.

Then there are the graphics and my god they are awesome. Deep, richly detailed levels pop with lively, luminous color. The forest is home to glowing foliage and colossal snails. Gloomier levels house over-sized spiders, animated with skin-crawling authenticity. One level, taking in sunset on a tropical beach, is stop-and-stare beautiful. Also the animations and the voice acting are top notch.

Trine 2 features some of the best graphics ever seen in a downloadable title. The mechanics and the puzzles are carefully crafted using a fantastic physics engine. The story is the only weak point of this amazing experience. Frozenbyte crafted another amazing experience. You should definitely buy and play this game.

9.5/10-Editor Choice

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