Tales From Space: About a Blob Review

• written by Krist Duro

In Tales from Space, you play the role of an adorable little orange blob who mysteriously lands on Earth and begins doing what blobs tend to do, namely devouring objects and growing ever larger.

At first you are just a little blob trying to get out of a lab. You devour different objects through out the level to grow to a specific size to continue to the next level. The levels are varied like indoors levels, outdoor ones, underground etc. But traversing through the level isn't always a piece of cake. There are lasers that can obliterate your blob in one hit, there are also spikes, missile launchers etc. There are also different bosses you fight at the end of the levels, they are let's say easy , but sometimes it can get very frustrating.

The first levels are easy where you only need to devour things to grow bigger and do simple wall-jumping to get through the level, but in the later ones you get some powers. You can control the magnetic field so your blob can stick to metal surfaces or propel from them. The other power is that you can control electricity, your blob can absorb electricity from a place and deliver it to another one. These powers helps create some interesting levels filled with puzzles and platforming.

The graphics are very nice. I really like the cut-scenes which looks like animated shows of Cartoon Network. The animations and art style are very cool. Also the music and sound effects create a joyous atmosphere.

A thing that I didn't get is that why at the end a level I finished being a big blob and in the next level I started as a little blob ?! Also another problem is the lack of online co-op, sure it has local, but if I wanted to play with a friend either him should come to my house or I go to his.

All in all Tales From Space: About a Blob is a strong game. Sure it has some minor problems but overall this is very good, Drinkbox Studios really delivered with this game. You should definitely give this game a try. You will not get disappointed.


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