Infamous: Festival of Blood Review

• written by Krist Duro

One of the PS3's best franchises gets an infusion of fresh blood with the Infamous: Festival of Blood DLC. The standalone add-on changes things up considerably for Cole McGrath, turning the lightning-throwing hero into a bloodsucking vampire.

Infamous' humorous slant has returned, and the tongue-in-cheek story is entertaining but poorly fleshed out. The story is a fictional one as it's narrated by Zeke. There is also a Twilight joke pulled by him. He creates this story about Cole forced to revive Bloody Mary. She wakes up and bite Cole, turning him into a vampire. Now he must fight vampires all night and find a weapon that could kill Bloody Mary before sunlight. If he doesn't kill her before sunlight, he will become her slave...forever.

Turning into a vampire opens up new possibilities for Cole. Now he has new powers like one that allows you to fly for a limited time and deliver an instant kill over an enemy or one that is called Vampire Sense, something like the Detective Mode in Batman: Arkham City. Using this power he can track other vampires, he can see their path and he can see secret glyphs which gives him more insight about Mary's story. But to use this powers, you don't use electricity, you use blood. You can refill blood by finding Canopic Jars, which also raise Cole's blood meter, or you can do it like vampires do. You suck the blood of the citizens of New Marais. Cool, right ?

All the game is played during the night of Festival of Blood. The entire city is decorated with fires and monsters. All the citizens are in vampire costumes. There are also balloons that looks like vampire head's.

The story is short, it can be beaten in under 2 hours. Collecting every jar and finding every glyph can take less than a hour. So the 100% can be achieved in 3 or so hours. But the fun doesn't stop there, the 3 hours can be doubled even tripled by playing the UGC missions. Now even UGC missions can have their own cut-scenes and their own story. I played some interesting missions, but I also played some bad ones. Thank god for the filters.

Infamous: Festival of Blood is good, but it really could have been so much more. I think the $10 price of admittance is justified if you're already an existing Infamous fan like me. Even with relatively short game time and no replay value (apart from raising the difficulty level or messing with UGC), there's merit here. There are aslo 14 Trophies that can be earned. I can say it loudly, Sucker Punch did it again.


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