Nexus 6P Review: The Best Android Device You’ve Been Waiting For

• written by Krist Duro

A massive perfection has been attained in the monotonous clockwork in which a new phone would be released by one of the manufacturers to run the latest Android OS with some new features. The thing is, though, just like HTC, Huawei has hazarded (let’s say) by introducing the new Nexus 6P and the most important of all, it’s smaller, slicker and the most powerful phone by Google till date. Moreover, the phone will be sold for $499, and that is even cheaper than its predecessor, the Nexus 5S (why is everyone copying the iPhone).

Here are some of the improvements in the Nexus 6P:

  1. Improved Design

The 6P has been a great sign to show the evolution at HTC’s since 6P comes with all metal cover, which dumps the plastic design adopted by HTC itself as well as many others (because it’s cheaper). The 6P is 7.3 mm thick and weighs only 6.28 ounces (isn’t that surprising?).

  1. Display

The 6P comes with a whopping 5.7” screen with a pixel density of about 518 pixels per inch so there is no doubt that text and photos, on the phone, will appear crispy. However, the screen’s brightness has not been able to challenge the one boosted by Galaxy Note 5 (the difference is negligible though).

  1. Built-in Apps

Nexus 6P has all those Google apps like YouTube, Maps and Photos so you don’t need to go to Play Store every time to download any Google app (6P has it all you need) so now; you can upload a video from your 6P to YouTube without any hassle or find out where the headquarters of the Google is in the Silicon Valley using the maps. You can listen to music using the Play Music app while Gmail will help you getting through the day. Moreover, you can manage your photos or get your health checked right where you are using Photos and Google Fit. It’s that simple with the all new 6P.

  1. Highly Attentive and Always Aware

Nexus 6P is going to be a ‘private’, by the way. It will just notify you with a ping if a mail lands at your inbox or simply lets you know what is happening in the White House with the Newsstand app. The contents of a notification will be displayed right away, so you don’t need to have a coffee before things load up. These apps won’t be idle but will work hard to notify you about an event the next couple of minutes it occurred. Additionally, you will be able to send emails to your boss without having to touch your phone. It’s going to be really awesome with all these ‘lightning fast’ features.

What You Should Know…

The 6P is going to be a pure Android device unlike others, which come with modifications made by the manufacturer. For instance, you will always get the Samsung Store app if you buy a Galaxy device but with 6P, forget about those useless apps. You are going to get a pure Android experience if you are buying a 6P. The 6P is powered by 3 GB RAM so you don’t need to worry whether Angry Birds Go will run or not on it. The phone will support amazing 3D games or in short, all the apps available at the Play Store. The battery is also going to rock with the USB type C adapter because you will be able to charge your 6P instantly and use it throughout the night. Just to sum up, if you are a great fan of Google, you should not think twice before preordering the Nexus 6P.

The bottom line

The competition is very fierce among solid devices, and many people will choose some thinner and smaller phones or those that have more valuable features (secondary features) such as water-resistant coating, stylus or perhaps wireless charging. Even though Nexus 6P is a fine smartphone, it is not a must have in the current year. Well to be completely fair, who can say that such thing even exists? At the very end, it all comes down to personal choices and what you exactly need.

For Google’s part, they did very well working side by side with Huawei. The design is a major getaway as opposite to what it has been in the prior time. Those people who like and admire Nexus 6P could be easily converted into liking Huawei brand more and more. As mentioned before, it all comes down to personal preferences and what you are looking in a phone. Most of the smartphones are very similar, but those tiny differences are what customers look for in a phone and are willing to spend more money to get it.


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