Forever Skies Coming Exclusively To PS5 In 2024

• written by Krist Duro
Forever Skies Coming Exclusively To PS5 In 2024

Far From Home Announces Partnership with Sony Interactive Entertainment

Far From Home, the developers of the first-person, high-tech airship-themed, sci-fi survival adventure Forever Skies have announced their official partnership with PlayStation. Alongside development support and funding, the partnership will allow Forever Skies to debut in full on PS5 and PC in 2024.

The team has reassured players that the PC version currently in Early Access will not be affected whatsoever. Forever Skies will make its console debut on PlayStation 5 in tandem with the launch of the full version on Steam once Early Access has been completed.

Andrzej Blumenfeld, Forever Skies Gameplay Lead:

Far From Home has teamed up with PlayStation to focus on making Forever Skies the best it can be for its console debut. So, at the end of PC Early Access when we're ready to release the full game, we'll be launching it on PlayStation 5 for consoles. Worry not though, this will not affect the ongoing development or release of the Steam version which will come out at the same time.

The final version of the game will support both single-player and up to 4-player co-op.

The team has also just released its latest patch on Steam that adds more than 45 quality-of-life improvements while the next major content update for the game is set for March / April 2024. The update will add the next story chapter, complex airship gardening systems, new locations, and new equipment.

Forever Skies is 20% off on Steam starting on February 15th.

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