Moonshot - A New Era in Space Gaming Coming 2025

• written by Krist Duro
Moonshot - A New Era in Space Gaming Coming 2025

Moonshot will be released into early access for PCs in Q3 2025

Moonshot is a realistic space-themed game that combines survival and tycoon genre elements, set in the exciting backdrop of the 2027 space colonization race. Players step into the shoes of a pioneering team leader, tasked to become the first astronaut to set foot on the Moon since 1972.

The game challenges you to build and manage rockets, oversee a skilled team, and strategically navigate the lunar landscape using near-future, realistically depicted technology.

Grounded in Science

Unlike typical sci-fi narratives, Moonshot is based on the current level of scientific knowledge, offering a realistic and educative experience.

Survival Meets Tycoon

A unique blend of survival challenges and tycoon-style base building set on the lunar landscape.

Resource Management and Adaptation

Players face the real challenges of space - from oxygen management to adapting to lunar conditions.

Collaborative Exploration

Players can join forces to build the ultimate Moon colony and even prepare for a Mars expedition!

Discover more about Moonshot and add it to your wishlist. Visit their Steam Store Page for more information.

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