FIFA FUT 15 Trading Tips Guide Part Two

• written by Krist Duro

This is Part Two of the FIFA FUT 15 Online Trading Guide. This Guide will show you the best methods and tactics to trade and buy in FUT 15. Good luck reading this guide and don't forgot to share!

This is part 2 of the FIFA FUT 15 Guide. Check out PART 1 here: GO TO GUIDE PART 1

FIFA FUT 15 Weekly Squad Updates

If some players are playing really well the last week or weeks try to get them for a good price before the Weekly Squad Updates will take place. This way you'll be able to sell them for a large amount of coins after the updates.

People are speculating all the time on which players are going to get a good update, so try to be fast with your speculations. Most of the time this works with the really big clubs and players.


The players who are in the 'Team Of The Week' are usually getting a real boost the first few days. They will be really expensive. Do not fall for this, wait a few days and the players go down in price again. This way you'll save a lot of coins by not buying the player you want in the first few days.

Become a Pro

A lot of players on FUT 15 are trying to make coins with every card and in every area. Often this contributes to bad selling and this won't give you any profit. For example try to focus on a few players you know are selling good with a lot of profit. Or focus on selling and buying a few days which are the most profitable.

Do Your Research

Many players make the mistake to always keep the same price when selling a player. Don't do this. The transfer market is always fluctuating and the price can double or triple in just a few hours.Always take a quick look for what price your player is selling in the next hour. And when you don't like the prices just wait for another time when the market is better for your player card.

60 minutes is enough

Try to sell your cards with a limit of 60 minutes. Almost no one is looking for a card in FUT 15 with more than 60 minutes. This will contribute to your profit pretty fast.

Peak Hours

Many FUT players are interested in the peak hours of Ultimate Team. Take a look at this statistics chart of FUT 13 and you'll see what are the rush hours on FUT 15. Use this information to trade like a pro!

The Happy Hour Packages

Every now and then there is a Happy Hour event in FUT 15. It's very tempting to take part in this offer, but DON'T. Many players will be tempted and be disappointed with a lot of players they will get. Wait for a few minutes/hours and search the market for cheap, pretty good players. The market will get a boost with players coming from the Happy Hour Packages and most of the player card won't be very expensive.

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