Duck Game Review

• written by Krist Duro

Welcome to the DuckDome!

Duck Game is a couch competitive battle royale game where you play as well, ducks killing other ducks using all sorts of crazy weapons. It's such a simple premise and still is a ton of fun when you play against your friends. See, it's the perfect party game, if you don't have a Mario Kart or a Smash Bro that is. And that, I believe, is it's biggest problem.

Being a multiplayer game that can only be played locally badly limits its reachability. You absolutely need to have someone to play with cause the game simply doesn't have a one player mode. You cannot do anything in the game if you play it alone and that sucks. Opening with a big problem like this is kind of a bummer and sets the tone for the rest of the review, but just keep reading.

I said it in the opening and here it is again, Duck Game is a lot of fun. The battles are fast and chaotic and the crazy over the top weaponry is just the cherry on top. From simple swords, pistols and shotguns to flamethrowers, rayguns, lasers, miniguns etc. it is all here, such a crazy arsenal that would make even Insomniac Games proud. Then there are the musical themed levels where you along with your friends/enemies other than fighting can jam on by playing drums, saxophones etc.

The controls are pitch perfect as the game is extremely responsive with any controller you might use, the OUYA's, a Dualshock 3 etc. This is a must for these type of games, especially for the ones that are quite as fast and twitch heavy as Duck Game is. It's so simple and so easy to pick up. Move, jump, shoot and throw the weapon you are carrying, that is all you can do in the game and that is more than enough.

Visually Duck Game looks really nice sporting a 16-bit era funky artstyle with a vibrant color palette and some great duck animations. The music and sound design are also great, very reminiscent of 80's and 90's pop culture style.

Bottom Line: Duck Game is a great OUYA game, maybe one of the top ten, if and only if you play it with your buddies. I played a lot of matches 1v1 with my roommate and had a ton of fun well, alcohol also helped but hey Drink and Play Responsively! So should you get this game? Duck Yeah! Thanks for reading.

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