FIFA 17: How long is The Journey Take? What Rewards In Story Mode?

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FIFA 17: How long is The Journey Take? What Rewards In Story Mode?

In FIFA 17, there are hints on how many game hours of story mode will deliver. In addition, the final reward is known.

The Journey is the first story mode in the history of the FIFA series, which will be realized thanks to the Frostbite engine on PS4, Xbox One and PC in FIFA 17. In this fresh and highly anticipated mode, You slip into the skin of the young soccer talent Alex Hunter, who lived through the life of a professional footballer and matures a world star.

The special feature is that you not only play games on the lawn, but also experience the events off the pitch. You are in the cabin, in the players' tunnel, in the manager office - even on the plane and in your own home. You discover entirely new football worlds.

Already in the demo of FIFA 17 you get a glimpse of The Journey. Your get as Alex Hunter Your first minutes of the game in the Premier League and then are allowed to interview. That leaves you wanting more. But it also raises the question: How long is the The Journey? How extensive is the story mode?

NOTE: Below wait enormous spoilers. Decide for yourself whether you want to scroll down.

How Long Will FIFA 17 The Journey Take?

Our colleagues at the English side games radar could already fully complete The Journey. In an article they are the most important milestones in the history before. We want to take this opportunity renounce these enumerate in detail.

On the whole, the story is began with your first coming to one of 20 Premier League clubs and then starting a season play - either in the starting line or from the bench.

Important figures are your best friend Gareth Walker and Your grandfather Jim Hunter, with loud games radar early in the story is clear in which direction develops the fun. The end was pretty predictable - what the game but does not detract.

Overall, The Journey includes a single season, for which about 16 hours Time are required.

But: The milestones in the story should indeed be fixed, but you can with your decisions and achievements on the court, the game experience customization. Therefore it would be worthwhile to play more than once mode.

What Rewards You Will Get In FIFA 17 Story Mode - The Journey

During the story you can gain five rewards that you can use in FUT 17. Mostly they are Gold Players out on loan, which can accumulate in your Ultimate Team for a few games.


There is a special price in the end of the Journey: You get a player's card of Alex Hunter that can keep you constantly in your FUT squad.

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