PlayMira Turns Your iPhone Into a PS4

• written by Krist Duro

Well, not really, but what PlayMira manages to do should is pretty neat. If you are a proud PS Vita owner, you know all about the Remote Play functionality it offers. Basically, you are able to play your PS4 games whenever and wherever you want as long as you have a strong and fast internet connection. PlayMira does all this for your iPhone or iPad, of course with a few caveats. If you need Pro Phone Repairs of Albuquerquealbuquerque screen repair, you can check it out here!

First off this app does not come officially from Sony, which I find stupid on their part since they have opened the Remote Play on the PC and Mac. Developed by the guys over at Bitwise Solutions Limited, PlayMira  is, as far as I know, the only way to remote play on your Apple device. So being an "unofficial" app, the design of the app itself seems very lackluster, it is very basic. I am not saying that if Sony had made it it would have been better cause we all know how sh*tty the Playstation and Playstation Messenger apps are, but still a better design, better UI would have been appreciated.

However, having a great design doesn't really when the app does not do what it is supposed to do. Luckily PlayMira delivers big time. Setting it up either on a local network or through the internet is as easy as it gets as the app does all the heavy lifting for you. Once it does that, you only have to tap the big "Play" button and game on, you've got remote play on your iPhone or iPad. The streaming looks great with quality going up to 720p/60fps which looks great on the small 4.7inch iPhone screen.

What doesn't look great are the nauseating virtual buttons that litter the whole screen and are practically useless. Virtual buttons suck for simple iOS games let alone to try and play games like Uncharted 4 or Battlefield 4, it is just not possible. So who's is this for? Well, if you have an MFi controller like we have the Gamevice, then you are in for a treat. As far as we know every MFi controller works flawlessly out of the box with the PlayMira. Lucky for us, the Gamevice turns the iPhone into a PS Vita which feels great in hand and works perfectly for Remote Play. Playing games like Uncharted 4 or Battlefield or Destiny feels awesome and they do look beautiful running at 720p/30fps or 60fps, if your router or internet connection is strong enough. Sure there are some few artifacts that pop-up when the servers bottleneck or when massive action is happening on screen, but it quickly fixes itself.

There's also a way to use the Dualshock 4 which is nicely detailed in the help section of the app, but since I was too lazy to test it out as it needed multiple accounts and things like that, I can't comment. However, people online say that it works perfectly so even if you don't have an MFi controller, you can still enjoy the Remote Play. Another cool thing that the app does are the MFi shortcuts. Since most of the MFi controllers lack L3/R3 buttons and the Touchpad, the app allows you to "press" these buttons through shortcuts you set up yourself. So you can run on Battlefield 4 by pressing both R1 and L1 at the same time and knife someone when you press R2 and L2, it's all up to you.

PlayMira works and delivers on its premise, it allows you to Remote Play on your iOS device. Having an MFi controller or setting up the DS4 are highly advised cause without either of them the app is pretty much useless. What remains to be said is the asking price. At $10 yes, it's a premium app, but for what it does, in my opinion, is more than worth it. Thanks for reading!

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