Destiny 2 Warmind Review

• written by Krist Duro
Destiny 2 Warmind Review

I liked what Warmind had to offer even though I have not played like 50% of it. This might sound strange cause well, it really is. I have not even started the new raid lair, let alone complete it. Heck, just last week I took down Calus for my first time so the big Cabal boi will have to wait.

And I have not seen past level two of Escalation Protocol event cause well, I suck and no one is apparently playing it when I am playing it. So the two main new things that this DLC added, one I have not experienced at all and the second one I still have to see what happens in the next 5 levels.

This might sound like I am complaining, but really I am not. I played the original Destiny religiously, the same shit every day, every week until the next cool batch of content arrived, rinse and repeat for three years. I have not done that for Destiny 2, mainly because I don’t have that much time in my hands and when I do have time, I want to play a 100% working game than just lose precious time with a buggy and broken experience. An image showcasing the game described in this article. I know by now, as you might know, that the Destiny games are like wine, the more they get older, the better they get. And the best stuff in the Warmind big update, isn’t the new Mars public space, 3 new strikes, new crucible maps, the new Raid lair or even the new Escalation Protocol. Hell no, it’s the stuff in-between all of those, the gameplay and sandbox changes that affect everything in the game.

Don’t get me wrong, the new content is great to have, but I was more excited about the “Go Fast” update, about the weapon balancing, about the changes in Heroic Strikes, about the revamping of the exotic weapons which now truly feel exotic. I like the change they made to the crucible, the Valour and Glory progressions are great as the rewards that you can get from leveling those up entices me to play more crucible and more importantly, be good at it. Previously I played just 5-6 matches just to get the Call to Arms milestone and that was it, but now I want to get that cool pulse rifle. They even improved the emote wheel where now you can have four emotes instead of just one and that's fucking cool.

The content offered in Warmind, at least the part I got to experience, it’s good even though it’s just well, more Destiny. The campaign is interesting and the ending has me excited about things to come… Rasputin FTW. But it’s incredibly short, as you can finish it in under two hours. Mars is bigger and way better than Mercury was, with different activities to do, exciting locations to explore and cool stuff to run around and find. There is a lot of new gear to drop, new Warmind themed weapons, new legendary and exotic weapons, armor, sparrows, ghosts, emblems, emotes. There are new interesting exotic quests that reward you with exotic loot and there might even be some secret exotic quests so that's nice.

The strikes are well, strikes and the Escalation Protocol is a 7-stages public event on steroids where you also have to be on steroids if you want to complete it. Or be lucky enough to matchmake with 8 other badass players so they can carry your puny ass to victory. I have not been that lucky, but I am not hating.  It’s good that that stuff is there for me to play when I am at a high power level. I might complete it tomorrow or in 6 months, I don’t know and frankly, I don’t really care.

As for the Raid, from the videos I have seen and the impressions of veterans Destiny players, it looks to be the most challenging thing Destiny has ever had so when I am like 450 power level, this time next year, yeah I might give that a try. Or if Bungie decides to fix the “broken as fuck doesn’t make any sense, why the fuck am I dropping a 345 blue from finishing the Nightfall?!” leveling up system, I might be able to kill the big Cabal boi even sooner.

And that’s my review for Warmind… which doesn’t really feel like a review for Warmind now that I am summing it up. This feels more like an updated review for Destiny 2 and I guess you are right. Going back to that wine analogy, today Destiny 2 is better than it was 3 months ago and from what the guys who saw the September update have been saying, it will become even better in next 3 months so fingers crossed? Thanks to the PR people for sending the code and thanks to you for reading my “review”.

What do you think about Destiny 2 state in general, better, the same, worse?

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