8 Things to Know Before Starting Your Journey in Starfield

• written by Krist Duro
8 Things to Know Before Starting Your Journey in Starfield

With over 1,000 planets to explore and countless hours of content in Starfield, minor hiccups early on likely won't derail your character long-term. However, why waste any time when there are tips, tricks and less obvious systems that could help smooth out your first playthrough. Here are a few things we wish we understood better before embarking on our adventures in Starfield.

Skills Unlock Gameplay Features

Many exploration, combat and ship mechanics require investing skill points to access. For example, sneaking effectively or using advanced weapons is not possible without upgrading your relevant skills. You can still perform basic actions without skills, but their full potential remains locked until you improve. Also, skill challenges only start counting progress once the prerequisite rank is purchased.

No Favoriting Planets Yet

Some planets are truly remarkable, but there is no quick way to save your favorites for later visits. Outposts provide a marker on the star map, but you are limited in the number you can establish. For now, good old notes may be the best way to track worlds of interest until a proper favoriting system is added.

Traits Add Story Depth

Starting traits can introduce new questlines and characters, expanding the narrative. Choosing multiple traits maximizes this extra content which is often quite engaging. Don't overlook the role traits can play in customizing your experience.

Controllers Suit Some Activities

While mouse and keyboard work well overall, certain actions like flying feel smoother with a gamepad. Walking speed also adjusts more naturally on analog sticks compared to keyboard. For those preferring controllers, many aspects operate better on twin sticks.

Objectives Can Mislead, Use Your Scanner

Quest markers occasionally point to wrong locations, so verify objectives with your scanner. When they stray, striking out on your own may prove quicker than following bad directions. Rely on your scanner primarily with objectives as backup.

Mine Asteroids For Valuable Resources

In addition to planetary mining, blasting asteroids in space provides useful crafting materials without much effort. Scan for resources after destroying space rocks for an easy boost to inventory supplies.

Purchase Ammunition Strategically

With diverse ammo types and enemies favoring specific weapons, manage favorite guns by stocking up on rarer ammunition at stores. Avoid running low on key firearms by planning ammunition purchases.

Console Commands Expedite Grinds

For speeding through less appealing gameplay systems, console commands like adjusting carry weight exist. Just be aware using cheats disables achievements. They also provide escape options when encountering glitches. While optional, they can streamline certain experiences.

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