What to Expect from Speech Challenges in Starfield

• written by Krist Duro
What to Expect from Speech Challenges in Starfield

While we have yet to experience it firsthand, Starfield appears to feature an improved dialogue system allowing players to leverage charisma and persuasion to find alternative solutions. Building on Fallout 4's rudimentary smile or frown options, Starfield introduces skill-based speech challenges.

The Persuasion Skill and Challenges

Persuasion challenges present a series of dialogue options marked with difficulty levels. Succeeding fills a persuasion meter, with more impactful arguments requiring more progress. A limited "Auto-Persuade" resource can guarantee success. Persuasion skill and other social abilities like Barter or Instigate add new options and influence chances.

A Test of Wits and Personality

Depending on context like skills or dialogue choices, challenges pit wits against targets. Very charismatic characters can rely on force of personality through high Persuasion. Others can take a safer approach. Failing risks aggression or finding alternate quest paths.

Managing Resources and Consequences

Players must balance high-risk high-reward options with conserving Auto-Persuades for crucial moments. Outcomes range from avoiding combat, accessing restricted areas, or simply leaving an impression to further quests. While mechanics remain unseen, challenges add roleplaying depth and consequences to social encounters.

For those favoring diplomacy over violence, developing social skills opens opportunities. For others, challenges provide backup plans should more forceful methods fail. Overall, the system elevates Fallout 4's simplistic face buttons, better integrating charisma into quest solutions and consequences of interactions. Skill and strategy can smooth the way or force improvisation.

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