What Can We Expect Ahead Of The FIFA 18 Release?

• written by Krist Duro
What Can We Expect Ahead Of The FIFA 18 Release?

With the Premier League season now officially underway, gaming fans will be eagerly anticipating the release of FIFA 18. EA Sports have announced that the game is due for release on September 29th and FIFA lovers can pre-order in advance.

Once the transfer window has closed, EA Sports developers will get to work on finalizing all of the squads, player attributes and ratings but those who cannot wait until the end of September can download the official demo two weeks prior to the official release.

Like most football games, the developers won’t try and change TOO much for FIFA 18 – after all, why would they? The EA Sports series is officially the most popular football video game on the planet and some lucky players will have access to EA’s private beta on August 18th.

With classic game modes such as Season Mode and Tournament Mode still available, as well as more modern fan favorites such as The Journey, this could be the greatest edition of FIFA yet...

Release Clauses ARE A Thing Now

EA Sports have worked tirelessly to include release clauses in career mode and this will help to introduce a little bit of modern reality to the game. In years gone by, clubs have refused to budge on certain transfers despite mammoth financial offers but those days are over.

If you meet a player’s release clause, you WILL sign him – providing that you can agree on personal terms of course.

For FIFA fans who love career mode, this is the perfect addition and it is sure to go down well with both hardcore gamers and video newbies.

Even The Demo Looks Worth A Download

With a full line up consisting of 10 teams, you really are spoilt for choice. With three Premier League sides, two La Liga giants and Champions League runner-up Juventus, there won’t be too many complaints.

In addition, you can play through a small part of The Journey: Hunter Returns and that will appeal to fans who enjoy walkthrough games. In The Journey, you are able to control your own destiny and answer questions that can affect your player’s mood and his standing in the squad – the full version should go down a treat.

Will The 2018 World Cup feature?

Sadly not. In the last few World Cup years, EA Sports have released a separate video game specifically for the event and the FIFA developers are expected to do the same again. So that means you won’t be able to take England, currently priced at 16/1 to win next summer’s event in the international football betting odds, all the way to the World Cup final just yet...

However, there is a reason to be optimistic, gaming fans. EA Sports have confirmed that the Interactive FIFA World Cup WILL return to FIFA 18 and other promotions are likely to be available throughout the build-up to next summer’s event.

You can create your own World Cup in Create Tournament mode but we’re not entirely sure if all 32 competing teams will be available on this edition just yet.


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