Watch Dogs Burner Phones Locations ‘Sanity Check Guide

• written by Krist Duro
Watch Dogs Burner Phones Locations ‘Sanity Check Guide

Just as the game starts, you will come across a vengeful Aiden Pearce trying to get some answers from a hired murderer, Maurice Vega.

The story tells us that Maurice Vega apparently took some cash from an unknown source to finish off Aiden Pearce and his niece, Lena Pearce. After finishing the job, Maurice disposed off 8 Burner Phones throughout the Chicago.

Watch Dogs Burner Phones Locations

Watch Dogs Burner Phones are practically useless, but can be hacked to divulge all conversations Maurice had with the unknown caller. These 8 Burner Phones are a part of ‘Investigation’ that Aiden must carry out to uncover the murderers of her niece.

Like I said, Burner Phones can be located throughout Chicago, but you can make it relatively easy by unlocking all ctOS Towers which will mark all 8 Burner Phones location on your Mini Map.

Finding all Burner Phones unlocks the Vespid LE vehicle and Sanity Check Achievement/Trophy.

Burner Phone #1 Location: Park Square This is story-related and cannot be missed!

Burner Phone #2 Location: Pawnee You need to get to the backside of the Fish Restaurant in Pawnee, Marina and you will come across a blue container-type thing used as a shack. Go there and the Burner Phone will be sitting on a blue cabinet next to a small ravel.

Burner Phone #3 Location: Pawnee Trailer Park You will come across two inter-connected trailers on the dirt road of Pawnee Trailer Park. Climb any of the trailers and the Burner Phone will be in plain sight and search the area for the phone.

Burner Phone #4 Location: Crazy Moose Motel (Pawnee) This cheap motel (horizontal building with yellow pain) is hard to miss while entering Pawnee. To get the Burner Phone, you need to reach behind the large Motel sign and look for it near the ‘L’.

Burner Phone #5 Location: Rossi-Fremont Tenements (The Wards) Get to the Rossi-Fremont Tenements and you will see a large central building with nothing but ruined pillars around it. Ascend the staircase and the Burner Phone will be resting on the wooden floor.

Burner Phone #6 Location: Treatment Plant Warehouse (Brandon Docks) You need to head to the Southeastern side of the Docks and you will come across a large container aligned right next to an open window. You need to climb this container and the Burner Phone will be sitting on a mattress right next to a cupboard.

Burner Phone #7 Location: Shipping Warehouse (Brandon Docks) Enter the large white warehouse and go all the way to the Southwest corner to locate this Burner Phone on a small desk.

Burner Phone #8 Location: Homeless Shanty Town (The Loop) Near the Bunker, you will see a bunch of cardboard planks near a workbench. The Burner Phone will be sitting on a small mattress in this area.

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