Ultimate Stick Fight Review

• written by Krist Duro
Ultimate Stick Fight Review

Ultimate Stick Fight is a good trip down memory lane

Ultimate Stick Fight is a side-scrolling beat 'em up game available for iOS and Android. I got to test the iOS version and I liked very much what I saw. The story behind the game is a very simple one, evil has come into town and it's up to you to fight it off. Nothing special there, but what is special is the stick figure action. You can choose from two different characters, Ryan and Slash. Ryan is your normal looking stick figure, all black nothing special. Slash in the other hand is a unique stick figure that has a cool purple bandana around his head which makes him look like a total badass.

Both of the characters have their unique moves and styles, Ryan is more of a melee only character so you will definitely want to play as Slash. Firstly because he looks amazing and secondly cause he utilizes a combination of melee, sword and guns in his combos. So to string the perfect combo you can punch, kick, jump and throw objects. The bigger the combo the bigger the rewards. Rewards in terms of coins and levels. With these coins you get for completing levels, you can unlock new or upgrade current combos. By the time I was in the later levels with Slash I felt like an unstoppable killing machine.

The levels are compact and can be completed in just a matter of minutes. To say the truth it was a little addictive at the start, as I wanted to complete more levels to level up my character, but then after a 40 minutes of playing, it became a little repetitive. The enemies, which are just stick figures like Ryan with different colors, became very repetitive. Sure there was the "boss" enemy, a zombie type with lot of health, but even then nothing special. The combo system also became repetitive. Yes there were many combos I could execute, but I could clear almost every level only tapping the punch button and occasionally throwing a big dumpster at the enemies. So it got a little repetitive, still fun to play through, but repetitive.

Visually the game looks great. The levels have hand drawn backgrounds and the characters, Ryan but specially Slash, look fantastic. Their animations are very well done. Slash's walking animation looks f*cking great and so do all of his combos. The UI looks ok, the buttons can look way better maybe in an upcoming update the devs can address to that. The heavy rock music is great the first ten minutes, then it gets kinda boring. The sound effects in the other hand are very well done. Overall the presentation is very well done.

Bottom Line: If you grew up playing games like Final Fight on the SNES then Ultimate Stick Fight is a fantastic trip down memory lane. It plays great and it looks great. Addictive well, not that much, but it's fun. At o,99$ it is totally worth your money and time.

Ultimate Stick Fight was reviewed on an iPhone using a promo code provided by Dragon Nest Studio. Ultimate Stick Fight is now available for iOS and Android.**_

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