Beat The Melody Review

• written by Krist Duro
Beat The Melody Review

Play and learn like the pros do!

Beat The Melody is the latest game from Shortbreak Studios, the studio behind Sugar High and Heal Them All. Beat The Melody is a totally new game with a never seen before gameplay mechanic as far as I know. It's a musical game where you play different instruments, but not how we are used to. This is not like Smule's Magic Piano or something like that. No this is something altogether. I tried to describe how this game works and I created like 20 different versions, but I could't really express it like it sounded in my mind, so I embed this video that explains it all.

So this is a very cool and never seen before mechanic that works great and it is very very easy to use and understand in the early levels. But it can and will get tedious and frustrating to play this game. The early levels are easy, with 3 to 9 notes per level that are easy to remember and tap on screen. But in the later ones where there are like 35 notes per level, it gets very difficult since most of the songs are not popular and remembering or figuring out which note is high and which is low can and will get annoying. If you are one of those persons who want to get three stars on each level well, think twice about buying this game. It is very difficult since you don't really have the ability to replay the song/music piece and figure out the notes.

An image showcasing the game described in this article. The game has more than 200 levels to play so it will keep you hooked for sometime. The presentation is fantastic. The artstyle is beautiful, with hand drawn backgrounds, menu UI and instrument models. In the sounds department this game is spectacular. Mainly because all of the sounds were done by the professionals over at Wroclaw Music Academy, Poland, but also by the clear effort the guys over at Shortbreak Studios put into this. While playing this, believe me, you will learn to differentiate both pitch & tone, by the time you stop playing this game, you will already have learned something.

An image showcasing the game described in this article.

The game is not free, it's 2,99$, but you don't get the full game. You only get the first instrument included in the initial purchase, the piano and all of the 200 levels. But if you want to use any of the other seven instruments, you have to buy them using real money. A very tough sell, but it all boils down to you. If you like musical games on your iPhone or iPad, then give Beat the Melody a try, it's beautiful and offers a new different experience, but if you are a more casual player, skip it and download Shortbreak's other games.

Beat the Melody was reviewed on an iPhone using a promo copy provided by Shortbreak Studios. Beat The Melody is available now on the App Store.

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