The Power Of Video And How To Harness It

• written by Krist Duro
The Power Of Video And How To Harness It

You or your business need more traffic, the more people find your site or content, the bigger the engagement and well, the bigger the profit. Nowadays, video marketing has become, probably, the biggest and most effective way to Go now and generate organic engagement with potential customers. And here’s why:

Everybody watches, nobody reads

Our attention span is low, especially today, where we live in a world where we get bombarded by all sorts of media at the same time. No one likes to read anymore, you know it, we know it, our analytics clearly display it, but everyone loves to watch a video.  

You can write the best 2000+ words article about your product, services, business, whatever and no one will really care. But you post a 3-minute video where you showcase the thing you are selling and people will eat it up.

So easy your grandma can do it

Creating video content has never been any easier. All you really need is access to a camera, a computer and the internet, that’s it. Everything you need to delve into this new “world”, you probably already have. Your phone probably has a fantastic camera you can shoot a video with, you probably have a computer or laptop that can handle some basic video editing and of course, you already have internet cause well, it’s 2018.

So you shoot your video, throw it in a video editing software, something like Movavi, do some basic editing or merge videos and upload that video to the internet.

Easy access for everyone

The internet is an infinite space filled with well, infinite stuff. Of course, you can just post this video on your blog post and share said blog post on your social media and you’ll get some hits. 

Or you can upload it directly to the social media so the users have instant access to the content you just produced. Youtube is massive and if you can make it there, the world is yours for the taking. Facebook is also big and depending demographic you are targeting with the video you just produced, it can be the best thing ever.

Instagram and Twitter are equally excellent choices to instantly share your content and engage directly with your potential customers in a more personal way.

But you won’t really know or understand the benefits of video until you try it yourself. Who knows, you might hit the jackpot and your first video goes viral. But when that doesn’t happen, don’t worry, just keep producing higher quality videos, upload it in as many places as you can and share it with the world.

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