Song Of Iron Coming To Steam & Xbox Next Month

• written by Krist Duro
Song Of Iron Coming To Steam & Xbox Next Month

Nordic inspired Song of Iron hits Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One and Steam on August 31st 2021. 

Joe Winter, solo developer of Resting Relic Studio, launches a new trailer that lures even the most battle-worn deep into his dark world of extreme challenge and fluid magic with the fresh promise of vengeance satisfied.

New trailer showcases the game’s variety of intensely beautiful locations and challenges to be explored and mastered; daunting old growth forests, deep forbidden caves, windswept high-exposure icy mountains and more.  While you skillfully bash, climb, sneak, hack, burn, their way across Winter’s provoking and shadowy Nordic world.

 The game's hard-hitting combat returns showing off a fast-paced and strategic system. Broken shields and flying dropkicks and flaming axes hurling through the air.  A huge dragon flies overhead before we get quick glimpses of the diverse list of enemies that will surely attempt to shorten your adventure.

It may be hard to believe that Song of Iron has been created by one individual.  Story, animation, levels, code, characters and more.  Believe it.  Love it.  Play it.  

Winter has spent many a dark and inspired night developing Song of Iron for the past two years only to emerge into the light of each day to go to work as a professional game animator. Enjoy Winter’s game development story and insights on

Song of Iron is available for $19.99. Pre-Order on Xbox  or Wishlist Steam. Visit for more info.

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