Retrovibe Set to Publish Multiple Titles in 2021 Including Project Warlock II

• written by Krist Duro

Retrovibe is proud to announce their existence as a brand new publisher focusing on indie titles with a New Retro twist. 

Founded by Michal Kici?ski (co-founder of CD Projekt), Micha? Affelski, and Krzysztof Papli?ski (co-founders of indie publisher gamingcompany) with the former backing the project and the latter two running the show, Retrovibe has announced five signed titles, as their leading line up for 2021/2022. Project Warlock IIJanosik 2, and B.I.O.T.A., The Looter, and Shardpunk: Verminfallare set to be released on PC (Steam and GOG) and console and release dates to be announced. 

“I’ve known the gamingcompany guys for years and I like their approach to the job. I like retro games, the kind I played when I was a teenager” said Co-Founder Michal Kici?ski  “These are relatively small projects filled with love and passion – and that struck a chord with me.’

Already launched titles Project Warlock and Janosik have joined the Retrovibe banner. Janosik is currently available for free on Steam and GOG.

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