Magnificent Trufflepigs on PC June 3

• written by Krist Duro

AMC Games announced today that its second title, The Magnificent Trufflepigs, will be releasing on June 3rd for PC. From the lead designer of Everybody’s Gone to the RaptureThe Magnificent Trufflepigs is a first-person, romantic metal-detecting game starring Arthur Darvill (Doctor WhoBroadchurch). Along with the Steam launch, the game will also be available on Epic Game Store soon after. A Nintendo Switch release is slated for later this summer.

The Magnificent Trufflepigs tells the story of Adam (played by Darvill) returning to his childhood village to help a woman named Beth on her journey to unearth a local treasure. Crafted by the new Leeds, U.K.-based studio Thunkd, The Magnificent Trufflepigs lets players fulfill a lifelong (or newly founded) dream to metal detect while experiencing a tightly-paced dramatic narrative in an idyllic English countryside

Thunkd and AMC Games also revealed that BAFTA-nominated composer Kevin Penkin was tapped to compose the game’s original, dynamic score. Penkin is a Melbourne-based composer for videogames and Japanese animation, including music for the hit indie games Florence and Necrobarista.

The Magnificent Trufflepigs is the second title from AMC Games, the video game publishing division of AMC Networks. Their first game was 2020’s IGF-nominated flight passenger simulator_Airplane Mode_, which meticulously recreates the experience of real-time commercial flight, presenting players with randomized events to create an endlessly re-playable experience for flight enthusiasts and content creators alike.

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