Mega Cat Labs launches CBA Not Shots, the first NFT Trading Card series from the Cat Basketball Association on the WAX Blockchain

• written by Krist Duro
Mega Cat Labs launches CBA Not Shots, the first NFT Trading Card series from the Cat Basketball Association on the WAX Blockchain

In an attempt to catpatalize on the current NFT Hype, Indie game developer Mega Cat Studios has launched an NFT division under the name Mega Cat Labs.  For the company's first product they have  partnered with the Cat Basketball Association to release CBA Not Shots. These highly curated trading card moments from the recent CBA season highlights cats doing cat things with a basketball. Cards include rare highlights from CBA All-Stars like Kyrie Purrving and LeYarn James. 

“In the wake of so many big companies and celebrities jumping into the NFT space, we wanted to see how the world would react if one of the top feline themed indie video game developers in the greater Pittsburgh area joined the battle,” James Deighan, CEO, said. “There should be no confusion among press or fans, we are really jumping in tail first into the litter box that is the NFT space. We really hope our collaboration with the Cat Basketball Association can be the next big NFT collectible. I mean that Beeple guy has to spend his money somewhere, am I right?”  

Regarding the technical details about Mega Cat Studios foray into the blockchain collectible world Deighan jested, “ I think we chose the WAX Blockchain because when we started this project we were just a bunch of confused gamers in regards to NFTs and thought it was the PAX blockchain. However, we may have made the right choice as the WAX blockchain is home to some of our favorite brands doing NFT collectibles like Street Fighter and William Shatner. 

The studio is optimistic that fans new and old will appreciate the company’s recent commitment to Non-Fungible Tokens. 

Deighan added “Over the past few months my team and I have really enjoyed seeing the growth of the NFT space. We are launching Mega Cat Labs as a way to introduce our fans along with many in the retro gaming community to NFT collectibles. Though we are launching this on April Fools Day, CBA Not Shots is a real NFT trading card series live right now on WAX. Though it is shrouded in parody our first NFT series is really a heartfelt ode to the awesome NFT projects we have been inspired by.

For a limited time the Mega Cat Labs team is giving away an April Fools edition pack for early adopters. They also have limited edition Cat Can Packs with super rare variant cards available for purchase and hope the NFT collectible community are excited to buy them.

Deighan stated “Somebody’s got to pay for our cats’ expensive grain-free food habits and maybe we could actually fund our next nifty retro style indie game this way ” 

Check out the official CBA Not Shots page for more info on receiving your very own CBA Not Shots Pack for free. The team also plans on auctioning off a few retro inspired 3D NFT items on platforms like OpenSea in the upcoming weeks. Probably even make their own crypto currency centered around memes for good measure.

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