PlayStation 5 Averaged 51.5 Hours Of Gameplay In Its 5th Month – Almost 50% More Than PS4

• written by Krist Duro
PlayStation 5 Averaged 51.5 Hours Of Gameplay In Its 5th Month – Almost 50% More Than PS4

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is outperforming its predecessor, the PlayStation 4 in many engagement metrics in a study of its performance in the same time period after its release. According to data presented by Safe Betting Sites USA, the PS5 averaged 51.5 hours of gameplay per account in March 2021, its 5th month after release – a 49% increase from the PS4’s average usage in the same period after its release.

PS5 Recorded Almost 50% More Hours Of Gameplay Than PS5 In 5th Month

Sony’s PlayStation is considered a pioneer of the modern video-game console and is the current market leader in the industry. Sony’s latest version of the PlayStation, the PS5, was released in November 2020 despite the world living under the shroud of the Coronavirus pandemic. As of March 2021, its fifth month since release, the PS5 averaged 51.5 hours of gameplay per account.

The PS5’s predecessor, the PS4, was released in the same month in 2013, and in its fifth month recorded an average of 34.6 hours per account – 49% lower than the PS5’s recorded average. The PS5 and the PS4 both had their highest average from the reported period in the month of January with the PS4 registering a high of 40.9 average hours of gameplay while the PS5 recorded an average of 62.3 hours of gameplay.

PS5 Attracted 1.5M More MUA Than PS4 Moths After Release; But PS4 5-Month CAGR Higher

The PS5 is also leading the PS4 in terms of its number of Monthly Active Users (MAU) with 8.6M in March 2021 compared to just 7.1M MAU for the PS4 in March 2014. In its first calendar month, the PS5 attracted 2.8M MAU while the PS4 only attracted 1.7M in 2013. Notably, the PS4’s number of MAU experienced an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 33.1% from Nov 2013- March 2014 while the PS5 had a 25.16% CAGR in the same months in 2021.

Rex Pascual, eSports editor at Safe Betting Sites USA, commented:

“Despite a global chip shortage caused by the pandemic that is affecting several industries, the PS5 is flying off the shelves, albeit only metaphorically, since the console was released during lockdown conditions in many parts of the world. Once the major issue of supply shortages are overcome, I firmly expect the gap between the PS4 and PS5’s user engagement metrics to widen even more.”

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