Last Gamer Standing

• written by Flowerstar
Last Gamer Standing

Last Gamer Standing is a competition where gamers go head-to-head to see who will be the last gamer standing.

Last Gamer Standing is offering gamers a chance to tell their story to the Game Informer magazine.

The winner will receive $25.000 and a chance to be featured in a 2-page advertorial in the Game Informer magazine.

It is noted that everyone in the world can enter the competition. 

This is a golden opportunity to win $25.000 and to have your name put out there.

As stated in the rules, you obviously can't vote for yourself either via paid or free votes. 

There are two ways to vote: either pay to vote (the money will go directly to Starlight Children's Foundation) or you can vote for free by filling in your details such as your name, e-mail address and phone number. 

While players battle it out in the competition, Last Gamer Standing will assist Starlight Children's Foundation to provide happiness to seriously ill children. Since 1982, Starlight Children's Foundation's groundbreaking and innovative programmes have impacted over 17 million kids at more than 800 children's hospitals across America. Last Gamer Standing is thrilled to offer another channel for their amazing mission to gain support. 

MonsterDface is the host of the competition. He is a renowned streamer who specialises in sharing VOD reviews, news and pro tips with fellow gamers. As the host of the contest, he will provide hints and advice and he will offer tools to guide the competitors through the competition. 

$25.000 and a 2-page advertorial is up for grabs for whoever will emerge victorious in the Last Gamer Standing contest.

The rules and the terms will explain and describe how the voting works and what happens in the competition.

The contest is split into rounds. In the first round, the top 15 will advance to the next round. The first round begins on 8th November and it ends on 18th November. The voting will reduce the number of competitors to the top 15 gamers.

The second round starts on 18th November and it ends on 25th November. The public voting will help reduce each group to the top 10 entrants.

The third round commences on the 25th November and ends on 2nd December. The public voting will help reduce each group to the top 5 contestants.

The group finalists/fourth round starts on 2nd December and it finishes on 8th December. The public voting will decrease the total number of entrants to one preliminary winner in each group who will then move on to the semifinals.

The semifinals begin on 10th December and ends on 9th December. Group finalists will be divided into semifinal groups. The voting will be reset, and the voting will determine one winner from every semifinals group who will then progress to the finals.

The finals begins on 17th December and it finishes on 23rd December. The voting will reset, and the public voting will determine the winner of the Last Gamer Standing competition ("the Grand Prize Winner") on the 23rd December.

At the time of writing, I'm currently in second place in my group: 

If I win, I'd like to write an article in regards to how migraines affects gaming and why subtitles should be an industry standard. Therefore, why subtitles through an auto subtitles generator is important, especially to players in the Autistic Spectrum or players with Aspergers Syndrome or gamers that have hearing issues. Plus, getting the opportunity to write for an ongoing, well-known magazine is just the icing on the cake. 

So what are you waiting for? Please vote for me! It will mean the entire universe for me!

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