First Class Trouble Is Available Now On PC and PS5

• written by Krist Duro
First Class Trouble Is Available Now On PC and PS5

Independent developer Invisible Walls ApS in partnership with indie publisher Versus Evil is excited to announce that their multiplayer social deduction game First Class Trouble is now available on the PlayStation Store and available for download via PlayStation Plus from today. PlayStation Plus Members will be able to download the PS4 and PS5 versions at no extra cost starting November 2nd - December 6th. The launch on PlayStation 5 also synchronizes with the game's simultaneous full launch on PC as First Class Trouble has left Steam Early Access today as well. 

First Class Trouble is a social deduction party game where six people play together aboard a luxury space cruiser. Four players will be Residents, cooperatively trying to shut down a rogue A.I. at the heart of the ship. The other two players will be Personoids, who will lie, deceive, and do whatever it takes to stop them!

First Class Trouble will support cross-play between PC and PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, and additionally, the game makes optimal use of the PlayStation 5’s technical capabilities across aspects such as 3D sound and ray-traced graphical output. 

Not only that, thanks to the PlayStation 5 controller’s Haptic Feedback, players can feel and experience the chaos in the palm of their hands. Squeeze the trigger to spray a fire extinguisher, and the controller rumbles and emits audio that corresponds with it.

Just like its PC counterpart, throwing bottles in First Class Trouble is a real crowd pleaser! When bottles smash near you, the controller will emit audio and corresponding haptics and sound intensity will fall off based on distance from the point of impact!

In the inevitable chaotic shenanigans that typically ensue in a social deduction game, environmental hazards, like blazing fires and electrical malfunctions, have a similar effect. Get too close to a live wire and you’ll feel the shocking results!

To coincide with its launch on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5, First Class Trouble will include all the updates from the existing PC version, including the Botanical Garden and Personoid Quarters updates. Additional content in the form of six cosmetic DLC packsare also available from today, and include the First Class Trouble Supporters Pack for $9.99The Christmas Pack $4.99The Winter Pack $1.99The Vruumba Pack $4.99The Runway Pack $9.99 and the New Years Eve Pack $14.99. The DLC packs give players a huge array of outfits including uniforms, evening gowns, hats, tuxedos, swimwear and various other fun accessories to customize their player characters with.

“We’re excited to announce First Class Trouble 1.0 is now available on PlayStation and PC.Our devoted community during Early Access period on PC deserve our heartfelt thanks. First Class Trouble is all aboard and engines blasting ahead for its maiden voyage. We can’t think of a better way to celebrate the Holiday season with a game that creates unpredictable and highly entertaining memories. First Class Trouble delivers a new social deduction experience, often with hilarious results, where players can roleplay, find out who they can trust and create their own experiences with friends.” Said Steve Escalante, General Manager of Versus Evil.

Unique to First Class Trouble, is that the game utilizes proximity-based voice chat to elevate the social dynamics of actual conversations. Meaning friends will need to split off from the group to scheme and plot, and that you can’t hear a victim’s cry for help if they’re too far from you. Friends will also need to collaborate with each other on different co-operative tasks to proceed through the maps and devise cunning strategies to eliminate one another. The varied map environments allow for hilarious moments: players will be dumping each other out of airlocks, electrocuting each other in spa pools, locking each other into freezers, and tossing bottles of alcohol at each other’s heads.

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