Klopex Galactic Bubble Review

• written by Krist Duro

Should you get this game? We discuss it on our Klopex Galactic Bubble Review

Most of you will remember and will have, at least once, played the amazing game, Puzzle Bobble back in the 90's. I spent many hours and many coins in the arcades playing this game. The premise was very simple, clear the levels from all the colored bubbles. You had to fire one bubble at the time and by matching three or more they were removed from the screen. Now throughout the years many games tried to "copy" that same mechanic. Some were bad ( like really bad), but some where actually really good. Klopex Galactic Bubble is the latest game from G4M3 Studios featuring this mechanic and the question is where does it stand?

Klopex Galactic Bubble is not just another clone of Puzzle Bobble, it has some cool neat features that make it an interesting and very enjoyable game. First the bubbles here are alien eyeballs with different colors and some of them have different effects, like a multiplier, bombs that clear a large area etc. Something new that I found very interesting was the use of blackholes. In some levels you will find blackholes that have a gravitational effect on the eyeballs you fire, something like the mechanic in Angry Birds Space. Also there are new challenges like time trials where you try to beat the level before time ends, there are also boss fights. You beat them by removing eyeballs fast and keeping the combo up. It's fun and very addictive.

Thrown in is also a new mode called Space Trek where you pilot a spaceship and fire eyeballs at enemies, asteroids etc. You control the ship by tilting you phone, which works fine but you need some time before you can "master" it. The game has 120 levels, 6 different modes and many challenges to complete, so yeah it will keep you hooked for some time. You can try for free 40 levels of the game before buying it. There's also a local multiplayer now, but an online one is going to be added later. In big tablets the local multiplayer works great, but in smaller devices it's not that great.

The game has a story, where our dear alien Klopex have to destroy these eyeballs as they threaten the whole galaxy. The story is not that important, but it's nice that there is one. The most important thing here is the gameplay.

So should you buy Klopex Galactic Bubble? Well the game is your standart puzzle bubble game, but the new additions make it worth your while. The boss fights and Space Trek are really cool. The visuals are great too, the levels are full of vibrant colors. In terms of sounds and music it's OK. The addition of online multiplayer would be very nice, but we've got to wait a little more for that. A complaint I have about the game is that the interface is very small in small devices and some times it's very difficult to distinguish it from the background. Also here you tap on the to fire the eyeballs and not aim freely like in the old ones. I don't know why the devs has gone this way, but I liked more the old aiming mechanic. So if you're into puzzle bubble games definitely buy this, but if you are a casual player try the 40 free levels first and then decide.


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