The Walking Dead Long Road Ahead Review

• written by Krist Duro
The Walking Dead Long Road Ahead Review

Should you get this episode? Read our The Walking Dead Long Road Ahead Review

When I first started playing the first episode of The Walking Dead The Game, I thought "Hmm let's give it a try". Little did I know that this series would become one of the best of downloadable games I've ever played. Then came the second episode and it was awesome like the first, which BTW the reviews of them can be reached by clicking here (1st episode) and here (2nd episode).  The third episode released a few days ago, but only today I got my hands on it and played. How does it compare to the first two? It surpasses them in every way!

Difficult choices and powerful emotions have been the moving points of the first two episodes, but in the third one they reach new heights. You are presented with some of the most difficult choices in video game history. How you decide and act it is up to you. But remember that the choices you've made from the previous episodes carry over and change dramatically the story. When I first started the first episode I decided to play only only from one save. Why? Well because when all the episodes are released I want to play the whole game 3-4, maybe more times, and each time have a different experience.

The episode starts with Lee and Kenny wandering into Macon scavenging for food and supplies. Everything is calm, which come as a surprise, but it escalate quickly and you are presented with the first choice. After you've made the choice the gameplay in Macon may change. I struggled getting away while fighting zombies, but as I said above I only play the episode once, so I don't know what happens if you make the other choice. From Macon Lee and Kenny return to the motel only to find out that among them there is a thief that gives bandits food and supplies. Who is it? I'm not going to spoil that for you!

Lee starts investigating when the bandits and zombies break in the motel and from there all hell breaks loose. You take out bandits and zombies using your trusty sniper while protecting and making sure that everyone enters Kenny's RV. From there the choices you make and the result of them create some really depressing moments. People die, some are left behind, some show who they truly are...

Then our group of survivors or what's left of them, find a train which you start by doing a series of easy puzzles. Added to the group are three new characters. Lee's relation with Clementine continues to grow in new and exciting ways. The pacing here is amazing, the story is full of twists and turns that keep you engaged all the time.

As usual the game looks sharp with its bold lines and comic-style art, and the voice acting is really good. The frame-rate issues and the awful camera cuts returns. Also during my time with the game I experienced a strange glitch which you can see in the video below. It is captured using a cam so sorry for the bad quality.

Overall this episode is amazing. The story, the choices, the depressing moments here reaches new levels. Telltale has created a true masterpiece and I can't wait for the next two episodes.

9/10-Editor Choice

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