How to Have a Gaming Night with Friends

• written by Krist Duro
How to Have a Gaming Night with Friends

Gaming is an amazing way for you and your friends to bond. It’s for this reason that gaming companies have recognized this and worked hard to increase the social aspect of games. For example, there are many ways to connect and play using gaming accounts or consoles. It is easy to see who is online and who is playing which game. It is also easy to meet and communicate with new players. 

However, people have different schedules and different commitments. Unless you are very lucky, there is only a slim chance that everyone will be online at once. This is why many friend groups will try to put together a gaming night. This is when you all plan to devote one evening (or the whole night!) to gaming together. If you are unsure how to do this successfully, there are some tips below.  

Organize in Advance 

As mentioned above, everyone is going to be working on a different schedule. You will need to plan well in advance which night is good for everyone. Pick a night during the week when everyone is free, factoring in the commitments the next day – the last thing you want is for people to leave early because they need to be up early. Try and agree on a time that suits everyone, some people may need to join later, but you can work with this with the types of games you choose. A little bit of organization can go a long way with something like this, especially if you are working with a big group of people. 

Decide What Games You are Going to Want to Play 

Once you have everyone ready to go, you need to decide on what games you are going to play. You might want to play the same game, or you may want to play your own thing while chatting. Some multiplayer games are far better than others, but you should try to make sure that if you choose a multiplayer game, everyone enjoys it and is roughly at the same level.  However, if you want to all play your own thing and chat about it or try each other’s games, then perhaps try to line up a wide variety so that people might find games they hadn’t considered trying before. For example, if you have a friend who only plays shooters, why don’t you introduce them to some platform-based games; one person could check out free spins casino offers at while someone else plays Battlefield. 

Keep the Flow

Have a loose structure of what’s going to happen and a fallback plan but let the night flow – if people start to change what they want to do, but you’re all hanging out, then that’s fine. Try not to plan anything after your gaming session so that it can keep going as long as you want it to. Remember to have lots of drink and food in too, so that you don’t have to have a break to go to the shops or organize take out. If you’re really getting into a multiplayer, then remember to schedule toilet breaks so that you don’t have everyone running away at different times – don’t be school room about this though or your night will be no fun at all!

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