Godhood to launch into Steam Early Access July 10th

• written by Krist Duro

Abbey Games, the acclaimed Dutch studio behind Reus and Renowned Explorers, has announced today that they will release their new strategy god game, Godhood, into Early Access on Steam and GOG (Windows/Mac) on Wednesday, July 10th. Players eager to become newborn tribal deities and experiment creating their own religion can wishlist Godhood on Steam now.

The Early Access launch of Godhood will feature 6 religious dogmas to mix and match, 14 unique classes of disciples and over 20 buildings to construct and customize. This will give players a full breadth of the experience, allowing them to define the virtues and vices of their own personalized religion, from human sacrifices to ritual combat, and the construction of holy temples. The Early Access release comes on the heels of Abbey Games’ highly successful Kickstarter campaign, which allowed the team to provide even more gameplay depth to Godhood.


Prospective gods in the mythical world of Godhood will soon learn that followers come with inconvenient free will and that control over their worshipers isn’t total. In a lush world where the number of followers equals power and rival gods will attempt to convert your flock, holding on to your worshippers is vital. To do this, players will send their most trusted disciples, strengthened by rituals, to battle their opponents in turn-based combat known as Sacraments.

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