Cubemen 2 Marches onto Steam

• written by Krist Duro
Cubemen 2 Marches onto Steam

Sequel to the Award-Winning Game Cubemen, ‘Cubemen 2’ is Now Available with New Features, New Game Modes, New Challenges and More!

Indie development studio, 3 Sprockets released Cubeman 2 on Steam, offering more of the addictive game play and unique features that made Cubemen, the award-winning 3D strategy action game a cult smash on its release in 2012. Featuring fast-paced play with fully 3D game levels, Cubemen 2 supports Windows, OSX and Linux, and is available for €5.99 for a single license or €7.49 for a twin pack license. To download Cubemen 2 today, visit:

Cubemen 2 will be launching on iOS and Mac App Store later in spring 2013.

Based around the age-old struggle of Good vs. Evil, Blue vs. Red and Little Men vs. Little Men, Cubemen 2 tasks players to use their Cubemen units strategically to defend and attack enemies in a range of game modes, including CTF, Skirmish, Territory and more. Up to six players can battle in cross-platform, multi-player carnage with nine specialised unit types, including new units such as path blockers, mines and freeze lightning. Gamers can also customize their Cubemen units with all-new skins and play as Cowboys, Knights, Luchadores and more!

“Our focus on the sequel has been to keep the simplicity that fans loved in the original, whilst adding a slate of new game modes and strategy, taking the user experience to a whole new level”, said Seon Rozenblum, Director of 3 Sprockets, “We have listened to our players and fans and believe we have created the best Cubemen sequel possible with many new and unique ideas that makes this the most compelling version yet."

For those preferring a single-player experience, Cubemen 2 offers two unique game modes specifically for single-player, in addition to a Campaign mode. All game modes have online rankings so that players can see how they measure up against the world's best. Additionally, Cubemen 2 offers a user-friendly built in level editor that lets players create and share their levels with players around the globe. Levels can be themed in a range of superb skins and are stored locally for easy access even when players are offline. It also comes with new features extending the Cubemen experience to the max!

  • Customizable unit skins... Play as Cowboys, Knights or even Luchadores!
  • No static towers. Move your Cubemen around the level and attack or defend at will
  • Campaign mode where you compete against others for a global ranking
  • Find new online levels to play with a single click
  • Real 3D levels with Teleporters, Healing Stations and floating platforms
  • Online ranking for all game modes
  • Teams and individual multi-player games against Humans, AI or both!
  • Brand new Cubemen OST included with all Steam purchases

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